Wednesday, March 28

A star is born (updated again)

Saturday Night Live parodies Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol, complete with bawling fans in the audience. Priceless!

A comedian did a music vid called ‘Sanjaya Anthem’:

Simon says ‘deplorable’
America says ‘adorable!’
Because we love your dimples
Your hairdo’s never simple
You are a handsome fella
Prettier than Antonella
You are the kick for me ’cause
Sanjaya means victory

The new Sanjaya do:

For the American Idol top ten performance show, the theme was songs by No Doubt and songs that inspired Gwen Stefani… Sanjaya Malakar performed “Bath Water…” Paula Abdul said, “To watch it on stage and not go for it, it’s kind of like we’re going ah, come on.” Simon Cowell said, “I presume there was no mirror in your dressing room tonight… I don’t think it matters anymore what we say… I think you are in your own universe and if people like you, good luck…” [Link]

Update: Here’s a clip of his latest performance, ‘Bathwater’ by No Doubt. He’s off pitch in parts, and he’s no Tony Kanal, but this is miles better than before:

Update 2: Jimmy Kimmel on what else Sanjaya’s bad at:

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  1. 1chick pea

    how can you not be entertained by a 7 ponytail ponyhawk?
    who cares about singing.
    it’s all about the hair.
    i cannot stop laughing.
    i think i even cried.

    as simon once told sanjaya: ‘you are very very very brave’.

    hate away, keep him in, maybe he’ll even win and be the true winner in the end.
    i agree with vote for the worst… let him hula his way into your heart.

  2. 2IP

    Once Saturday Night Live actually had satire! They have stooped down to re-enactment now?

  3. 3zai

    where can i get a sanjay malakar t-shirt, preferably one with all the different hairdos and big, drippy red heart :)

  4. 4NRITechie

    Well…he won this week too. That shows his popularity and America voted him. He’ll be next american idol for sure. Now that Chris is out of the show.
    I’m not sure why people are hating him?

  5. 5ronak

    it’s all good, I’m happy that middle america loves him. it’s great. any press is good press

  6. 6JangiAAhMannn

    I’m not sure why people are hating him?

    SShhh… hhhhEre’s a secrrrreT from someOne in sales. doesnt Matter what we ARE selling. People buys who they Like.
    if theY like you, they will BUY you. anD swear guy… SnJaya OOOOOOzeS NicE.

  7. 7prakruti

    He was funny last week with that weird day Ryan seacrest showed up with the same hair style..
    He cannot sing at all though his voice is ok..Ihave to say he is brave standing there despite all the criticism, he is just 17..
    I like that John myers song “waiting for the world to change”, sanjaya sang it with no emotion but he was not was just flat..
    I dont know what is keeping him going but whatever it is talented people are going down which is sad..

  8. 8RC

    Jimmy Kimmel making fun of Sanjaya?? Is there anyone worse than this no-talent hack on TV?? (BTW, who the fu$k watches the Kimmel show??) He should realize that he is looking at himself few years ago when he looks at Sanjaya.

  9. 9aarti

    ” ..I have to say he is brave standing there despite all the criticism, he is just 17..”

    Yeah…he is just 17 years old. Poor thing, I wonder how he is able to handle the downright mean remarks from Simon (and others).
    I bet he wishes he would get voted off already.