Thursday, September 7

Dunking Ganesh (updated)

On Anant Chaturdashi in Bombay, the day the Ganesh murtis are dunked (it goes until 6 am):

Holi colors:

Firecrackers. In Juhu there was a string 50 yards long that exploded for four minutes straight:

Drummer and keyboard on a vegetable handcart:

Juhu Beach was a zoo:

Man blowing bubbles:

This one took four sweating topless uncles to carry into the waves:

Sand threshers ready for the morning:

Robot fortune teller…

… with rad headphones:

Juhu Marriott’s rooms have angled windows so everyone gets a beach view:

Anti-pissing icons have most religions covered:

But if you’re Jewish, you’re home free.


They laid down steel plates so trucks could back up onto the beach and disgorge the largest murtis:

Sikh man and his son on a Ganesh float:

DJ dancing:

Biggest saffron flag I’ve seen yet:

Drummers were jammin’:

A video of the dancing:

A nicely-done TV ad:

More photos by Amit Kulkarni from last year.

Update: Photos of the aftermath, the following morning.

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  1. 1brown

    Great pics, Manish! :-)

  2. 2jana

    well worth a sprained ankle, isn’t it? call us barbarians and what not, but there’s something wonderful about watching people having fun - man, woman, child, vegetable. =D now if only they would keep the delirium to one street (instead of clogging up every single access route) so that some of us could get to “lagey raho munnabhai”….