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Muslim roundup after 9/11: small settlement

(Reuters) U.S. will pay $1.26M to 5 Muslims detained without charges after 9/11, including Pakistan native Asif-Ur-Rehman Saffi and Pakistani physician Shakir Baloch.
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Major terrorists’ passports found in tribal belt

(Guardian) Pakistani troops show off passports of 7/7 and 9/11 plotters they claim were found in Waziristan.
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Seven seven nine eleven

(AP) Najibullah Zazi planned backpack bomb attack on NYC subway on 9/11 anniversary, alleges gov’t.
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Iqbal’s precedent

(NYT) When a blue-collar Muslim man was swept up in post-9/11 raids, he sued and lost. That decision has been used 500 times to summarily dismiss later lawsuits.
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The terrorist smear V

(WaPo) Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) is running an ad linking his opponent with Mohammed Atta based on driver license reform. Feeney’s previous hits include trying to shut down the Fla. recount in ’00 and allegedly hiring a programmer to hack e-voting machines.
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7 years after 9/11, where’s bin Laden?

(AFP) On the eve of the 7th anniversary of 9/11, White House spokeswoman: ‘You know, this is not the movies. We don’t have super powers.’ [But you do have a Pakistan policy that shelters bin Laden and a defocusing Iraq war.]
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527 links Obama with terrorism, 9/11

(AP) A GOP group is running an ad linking Obama with a guy he once served on a board with who was a radical 40 years ago and working in a 9/11 analogy. Fox refused to run the ad.


(NY Mag) Syrian-American girl detained for 3 months after 9/11 was asked by school officials for proof she wasn’t just cutting school. Later she ran into a jailer in Times Square.
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U.S. became main Taliban sponsor before 9/11

(Nation·L ‘01) The U.S. gave the Taliban $43M in ’00, becoming their main sponsor as an incentive to declare the opium trade un-Islamic. [Wonder where that money went in ’01...] [via]
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McCain needs real Pakistan policy

(NYT) Frank Rich: How much would it ‘help’ McCain if the next assassinated leader were better known than Benazir Bhutto? His passive Pakistan policy could haunt him if a new 9/11 is launched from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

9/11 trials allegedly timed to ’08 election

(Miami Herald) 9/11 defense lawyers alleged internal debates about whether charges could be brought during this year’s campaign season or to capture the imagination of the American people. [via]
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Gitmo cases in disarray

(Time) The gov’t dismissed charges against the ’20th hijacker’ Mohammed al-Qahtani because they were tainted by torture, said his lawyer Gitanjali Guitierrez. [via]

Terrorist triage

(Newsweek) Terrorism expert Michael Sheehan says we underestimated Al Qaeda before 9/11 and have overhyped them since. Cells have been crushed. The key is to prevent freelancers like the 7/7 bombers from getting training in Pakistan. [via]
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WaPo: Backing Musharraf risks another 9/11

(WaPo op/ed) Thanks to Musharraf, the danger of another 9/11 is real. AQ is in the final stages of planning one, training Western recruits at its Pakistani bases. Yet Dubya’s officials call Musharraf ‘indispensable.’ [They will have blood on their hands.]
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