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Assassinating the father of the Pakistani bomb

(VF) The CIA had A.Q. Khan on a hit list in Dubai but D.C. chose not to pull the trigger.
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China, Pakistan swapped nuke tech

(WaPo) A.Q. Khan ate barbecued lamb while waiting for the Chinese military to pack small uranium bricks into lead-lined boxes for the flight to Islamabad. (ht: P-I)

Burmese nukes?

(Bangkokpost) Burma’s junta may be working on getting nukes from N. Korea, which got ‘em from Pakistan. (ht: @kerim)

Tinner docs to be shredded

(WaPo) Swiss order destruction of 100 critical docs against family who aided A.Q. Khan’s nuke bazaar.

Nuclear peril

(New Yorker) Nuclear smuggler A.Q. Khan is running his own Web site from Pakistan. Under an umbrella of Russian protection, Iran does not fear speeches.

We were only one letter off

(Daily Show) Iraq was one of the only countries in the region *not* buying nuke tech from A.Q. Khan, says the author of ‘Uranium.’

A.Q. Khan at it again

(WSJ) Ssince his release from house arrest a month ago, A.Q. Khan has entertained a string of official visitors from across the Middle East who want to fast track their own nuclear projects.

Khan still nuclear threat

(NYT) The Pakistani government has been under intense pressure to free A.Q. Khan, and that outweighed the U.S. backlash. Khan said, ‘I don’t damn care’ about the reaction. He’s still considered a prolif threat and may have sold advanced designs to Iran.
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Zardari frees A.Q. Khan

(AP) Nuke proliferator A.Q. Khan is free after reaching a secret deal with the gov’t to end de facto house arrest. The move seems like a gesture by the civilian government to boost its flagging popularity.

American parts killing U.S. troops in Iraq

(WaPo) U.S. electronics are showing up in IEDs aimed at U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Iran is apparently buying them from front companies and shipping them via Dubai [which was transship point for A.Q. Khan too.]
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Khan network operative released

(NYT) A Swiss man who allegedly helped A.Q. Khan buy nuke materials has been released from prison after more than 4 years of investigative detention

Let’s buy out Pakistan’s nukes

(WSJ op/ed) Thanks to A.Q. Khan, a country that has impoverished its people, corruptly enriched elites, served as a base of terrorism and handed the presidency to Mr. 10%, has made itself a power to be reckoned with. Congrats.

Dubya to sign nuclear deal with UAE

(WSJ) Dubya plans on signing a nuclear cooperation agreement with the UAE. Dubai was a major transshipment point in A.Q. Khan’s nuclear prolif network.

LeT’s nuclear links

(WSJ) Nuke proliferator A.Q. Khan was a friend of the LeT, which also killed Daniel Pearl.

A.Q. Khan sold to Libya too

(LAT) Before abandoning its nuke program, Libya tapped into the A.Q. Khan network.

Claiming credit for looking the other way

(WaPo) Condi Rice said the ‘breakup’ of the A.Q. Khan nuke network, which the U.S. knew about for decades, was a ‘success’ for Dubya.

Obama mentions A.Q. Khan

(HuffPo·L) Obama in Berlin: ‘Secrets from a scientist in Pakistan could build a bomb that detonates in Paris. The poppies in Afghanistan become the heroin in Berlin... Will we stand for the human rights of the dissident in Burma, the blogger in Iran?’
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A.Q. Khan gagged again

(NYT) An Islamabad court barred A.Q. Khan from giving interviews about the illicit nuclear network he confessed to running.

AP covers for Musharraf

(AP) It’s ludicrous to repeat the claim that in a military dictatorship, one man could arrange nuke airlifts from Islamabad without military help. AP also used to blandly report, ‘Pakistan says it only provides moral assistance to Kashmiri militants.’
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A.Q. Khan blows up Musharraf alibi

(AP) A.Q. Khan said the Pakistani army had ‘complete knowledge’ of his shipment of used P-1 centrifuges to North Korea. He said his house is bugged, and he was promised freedom in exchange for taking the fall, but Musharraf reneged.

A.Q. Khan’s nuke designs fit atop missiles

(NYT) Missiles derived from N. Korea’s Nodong include Pakistan’s Ghauri and Iran’s Shahab. Warheads must be smaller than 4 feet wide. Khan’s designs fit.

The Swiss nuclear family

(WaPo) The compact nuke design found on A.Q. Khan network computers may have fit on missiles. The Swiss family which aided Khan is in prison. Pakistanis seemed surprised Khan sold this more advanced design.

A.Q. Khan’s turnkey nukes found

(NYT) The design found on A.Q. Khan computers in Switzerland, Bangkok is half the size, twice the power of the Chinese weapon, with modern electronics, electronic form and coded for automatic manufacturing.

Pakistan’s Oppenheimer wants to clear his name

(WaPo) A.Q. Khan said Pakistan started its nuke weapons program after losing the Bangladesh war. The CIA apparently knew of Khan’s espionage in the Netherlands since ’75 but looked the other way.

Bad kitty

(Comic) ‘Pearls Before Swine’s’ surreal strip has a cat playing... A.Q. Khan?

A.Q. Khan wants freedom

(NYT) Nuclear poliferator A.Q. Khan expressed hope that the new Pakistani government will end his house arrest, but has received no such indication.

All hail President Nukes

(Economist) Nawaz Sharif’s wife Kulsoom promised on the campaign trail to replace Musharraf with nuclear proliferator A.Q. Khan.