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‘We could have done this the right way’

(Newsweek) The Lebanese-American FBI agent who got Abu Zubaydah, captured in Pakistan, to name KSM as the 9/11 planner, yelled at the CIA for torturing him and was told by his FBI boss to come home.

Torture for torture’s sake

(WaPo) The info gotten by torturing low-level AQ fixer Abu Zubaydah proved false. The U.S. began torturing for revenge, not intel. ‘There was a disbelief in Abu Zubaydah and also a desire for retribution — “If he doesn’t talk, we’ll do whatever." ‘

Inside the Zubaydah takedown

(NYT) 14 addresses in Lahore and Faisalabad were under surveillance. At 2 a.m., the Punjab Elite Force hit the locations all at once. Abu Zubaydah was found at a handsome house on Canal Road in Faisalabad with $100,000 in cash.
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