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High yield wheat inventor dies

(NYT) RIP Dr. Norman Borlaug, high yield wheat inventor. Indian ’68 harvest was so bountiful, schools became temporary granaries. An Indian critic blamed him for unsustainability; he called her an elitist.

Birdie num num, wallet ouch

(AP) The price of premium nyjer birdseed from India has soared to $80 for a 50 lb. bag, confounding American bird lovers.
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GM suicides

(Tabloid) GM cotton in India has been devastated by bollworms. Nor were the farmers told that the seeds require double the water. With rains failing for the past two years, harvests failed and many farmers committed suicide.
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Pakistan quake fells apple orchards

(AFP) The 6.4 tremor that destroyed homes and killed up to 300 people in Pakistan also felled many golden and green apple trees in a large apple-exporting region.

India needs another Green Revolution

(NYT) After a decade of neglect, India is growing faster than its ability to produce rice and wheat. Manmohan Singh has called for a Second Green Revolution.
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