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Winning airports, losing character

(WSJ) Indira Gandhi airport’s rejected ‘retro’ design used local sandstone and was a good heat insulator. The new designs are soulless.
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Do you know who I am?

(Google) Delta 1st class passenger Satyanand Christopher was so angry at seeing economy passengers leave a jetliner before him that he allegedly yanked open an emergency hatch and slid down the chute after the NYC-Guyana flight landed. (ht: CP)
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Flying (with laptop) while brown

(Pcworld) Sens. Leahy and Feingold quizzed Paterland Security why desi and Arab travelers are asked at airports why they’re Muslim and which candidate they support, and had laptops, cell phones and data cards searched or confiscated.

The gas menagerie

(Atimes) Monitor lizards, antelopes, jackals, raptors, monkeys, peacocks and blue bulls are often sighted on runways at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International.
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Bangalore Int’l: we’ll take both

(NYT) Air traffic to Bangalore has doubled in 3 years, and people are calling for the old airport to remain open as well. The city water supply hasn’t yet reached the new airport, which sits 90 minutes outside the city.
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Airport hatao

(AFP) Thousands of Indian airport employees stayed away from work today to protest two new privatized airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore. The Indian gov’t brought in Air Force personnel to help.
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