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New Yorker bets on telegraph

(New Yorker) I read several versions of ‘The Jungle Book’ on the Kindle but squeezed no new joy. The e-store doesn’t carry Bharati Mukherjee... E-romances are driving sales because it’s more private than a bookstore... A nuclear plant e-book sells for $8,000.

Orwellism of the day: Unsold?

(NYT) Apparently, the Kindle burns books. Amazon disappeared already purchased electronic books by a certain famous author from its customers’ e-book readers. The irony? Author. Bihar-born Orwell. Deleted books. ’1984’ and ‘Animal Farm.’�

iPhone company acquired

(Lexcycle) Amazon has acquired the top ebook reader on the iPhone, Stanza, and its parent company Lexcycle, cofounded by Neelan Choksi. (ht: Kerim)