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Ambani-Spielberg deal closes

(WaPo) Anil Ambani has picked up a 50% stake in Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks SKG for $325 million.

Court settles Ambani dispute

(WSJ) An Indian court ruled the elder Ambani brother has to honor a contract with the younger, which saves Anil money. The bros rarely speak and compete in father veneration, but live together in the same 18-story apartment complex.

2 janitors held in Ambani sabotage

(NYT) Rakesh Maria: Ambani helicopter sabotage part of an employee-management dispute dating back to ’95, ‘probably the fifth such incident at the Airworks company.’

Cops: mechanic could finger saboteurs

(ToI) Bombay cops: ‘We are sure that Borge knew who had put gravel in the fuel tank of Anil Ambani’s chopper.’

Murder alleged in Ambani chopper case

(WaPo) Helicopter mechanic Bharat Borge’s family believes he was pushed in front of a Bombay train after discovering an attempt to sabotage billionaire Anil Ambani’s helicopter. The craft would’ve taken off but lost power.

Plot thickens in Ambani sabotage

(WSJ) Rakesh Maria: Helicopter mechanic Bharat Borge, who discovered Ambani chopper sabotage, jumped in front of a train. Anil Ambani commutes via chopper, and their 18-story home added a helipad.

Chopper tipper found dead

(IBN) A technician who allegedly discovered an attempt to sabotage Anil Ambani’s helicopter was found dead on the Western Line tracks between Andheri and Vile Parle.
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‘India took a huge whack’ on world’s richest list

(Reuters) Anil Ambani lost $32B in paper wealth, falling from 6th richest to 34th. ‘India took a huge whack,’ taking 2 of top 10, down from 4, and losing half its dollar billionaires.
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Shopping list: milk, bread, Newcastle

(ToL) Anil Ambani’s Reliance may buy Newcastle soccer club for GBP 220 million. (ht: Sapna)
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Nobody is that stupid?

(NYT) ‘Why the Indians? It is all about terms. These people are willing to pay a lot of money for little more than the right to go sit at a premiere with Steven Spielberg.’

Ambanis squabbling over S. African merger

(BBC) Mukesh Ambani claims right of first refusal to invest in his brother’s Reliance Comm. before it merges with S. Africa’s MTN. Anil Ambani denies it.

Smells like Vivendi

(CBC) Reliance signs $1B deal with production houses of movie stars to develop and produce movies. It takes a very special imbecility to deliver so little for so much.