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Standup and deliver

(BBC) Standup comedy in India: -People are very conscious of who is looking at me laugh at what. -I think there’s an upper-middle class, urban, Indian sense of humour emerging, says Anuvab Pal.
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Booker doldrums

(Anuvabpal) Anuvab: I staw my wife reading ‘Wolf Hall.’ Then I stole it from her. Haven’t read it yet. It’s fat. [‘The President is Coming’ being released as a novel.]

The death of ‘Casablanca’

(ToI) Last week, Asha wrote in her Facebook status, ‘Just woke up.’ Immediately, 20 of her friends added a thumbs up to the update.

Pal profiled

(Expressbuzz) Anuvab: Indian-Americans are a ghetto. ‘I came back to an India that was buzzing with VCs, with white men drinking in a local bar’... Pushed wedding by 2 days to act in ‘Loins’... Wrote for ‘Law & Order,’ but it was stereotypes.
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Anuvab on auteurs

(Tehelka ‘08) Anuvab: In ‘Entourage,’ an auteur director roams shirtless with the only original reel taped round his neck, escaping buildings on stolen motorcycles screaming ‘F- commerce.’
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‘Disco Dancer,’ the book

(Twitter) Anuvab: Just beginning work on a Disco Dancer book. Turkmenistan has a Jimmy statue.


(Vid) Funny scene from ’1-888-DIAL-INDIA,’ playing in Bombay.

India begins recognizing camp

(Iggy) Anuvab: Bollywood is both deferential and accusatory with ‘Slumdog’... Camp ’80s legend B. Subhash (musical ‘Tarzan’) can’t get a film funded now. He wants to make a musical about 26/11.

Wave of Iggy

(Iggy Vids) Iggy interviews new wave filmmakers: Anurag Kashyap, Kalki Koechlin, Zoya Akhtar, Anuvab Pal, Rohan Sippy, even venerable Naseeruddin Shah. Koechlin: I’m Indian and don’t want to be typecast as slutty evil white vamp.

Good boys wait

(Twitter) Saw Hanif Kureishi’s ‘Black Album’ in London. Its conflict: Sleep with white woman or be a good Pakistani Brit.

DIAL-INDIA debut pics

(Mastione Pics) ’1-888-DIAL-INDIA’ premiere in Bandra. Pal’s plays get the paparazzi treatment now that he’s cast a Bollyactress.

Profiting off the recession

(DNA) ‘1-888-DIAL-India’: Kunaal Roy Kapur sets up a helpline for Americans depressed by the recession. With Sophie Chaudhary.

‘1-888-DIAL-INDIA’ premieres

(Indipepal) Anuvab: I’ve always wanted to write a play with Kunaal Roy Kapur. This is not because he is talented (he is not). It is because he cut so many of my lines in President.

Pal’s play tweets

(Twitter) Photos, behind the scenes from rehearsals for Anuvab Pal’s new play 1-888-DIAL-INDIA. Opening in Bombay, NYC soon. With Sophie Chaudhry, Ashwin Mushran.

It’s come to this

(ToI) Bolly actress Sophie Choudry stars in Anuvab Pal’s upcoming play ’1-888-DIAL-INDIA.’

After the ‘President’ came

(Filmkaravan) My buddy Anuvab Pal’s next project: -A film about Indians in Calcutta taking a French class. Called ‘French Class.’ -Who do you look like? -The love child of Muamar Quaddafi and Jhumpa Lahiri.
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Bollywood’s Bush farewell

(BBC) Actress Shernaz Patel : ‘We are going to miss George W. Bush because he provided so much fodder.’ Release of ‘The President is Coming’ was delayed because it had been schedule to release during the attacks. (ht: Sapna)

The senators are going

(ToI) Anuvab Pal: Some US senators walked out of ‘The President is Coming,’ saying, ‘I’ve seen whatever I had to see’... I’d want to direct a movie called ‘The Chatterjees of Circular Road,’ along the lines of ‘The Royal Tenenbaums.’

‘Like an uncle who farts’

(SF Chron) Anuvab Pal: ’79-’91 were ‘conceivably the worst years in Bollywood history, but they were monumental films. It’s like an uncle who farts. You don’t stop loving him.’ [UB quoted.]

‘Loins’ writers on the creative process

(SAJA) Anuvab: Our influences are Woody Allen, Christopher Guest, Ricky Gervais. The references may be Indian, but the style is American indie. Its setting and humor are so specific to Indians in the US. I’m still confounded how well it did in India.