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Bond of brothers

(WSJ) In the mold of U.S. — Musharraf, the new ‘Dostana’ is Adm. Mullen — Pakistani Gen. Ashfaq Kayani. The WSJ gushes.
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Pakistani army chief shot down 11/26 conciliiation

(ToI) Diplomatic sources said it was Kayani who personally torpedoed the proposal by Gilani to send the DG-ISI to India. ‘The Indians will be asking for me the next time.’

Kayani protests U.S. commandos

(NYT) Gen. Kayani protested an American commando raid, and it sounded more serious than one for public consumption. The U.S. has concluded the Pakistani military isn’t serious about stopping attacks on U.S. troops. [Heh.]
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CIA conflicted over ISI’s terror backing

(NYT) The CIA flies Predators outside limits to test Pakistani radar, and they notice... CIA-Kabul: CIA-Pakistan won’t confront the ISI on the Taliban... Kayani hand-rolls ciggies, takes one puff and stubs ‘em out... CIA: He’s a master manipulator.

Leadership void in Pakistan

(NYT) Absent an organized civilian gov’t, the Pakistani military is striking peace deals with militants and doing prisoner exchanges on its own. Gen. Kayani doesn’t want to fight jihadis, preferring to focus on India.

Kayani angry over friendly fire

(NYT) The Pakistani military is so angry over the American airstrikes here last week that it is threatening to postpone or cancel an American program to train a paramilitary force.
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U.S. may be delaying arms shipments to Pakistan

(WaPo) After $10B in U.S. aid, Gen. Kayani refuses to retrain troops to fight jihadis, preferring to focus them on India. Attacks from Pakistan on U.S. forces in Afghanistan have doubled. There are signs the U.S. is delaying arms used against India.
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Musharraf says he’s not leaving

(NYT) Aitzaz Ahsan threatened to surround Army House with lawyers, Zardari said Musharraf should be exiled, Sharif said impeach him, Kayani removed the chief of the ‘coup brigade.’ But Musharraf said he’s staying put.

Have a gold star, kill our enemies

(NYT) Trying to curry favor with the new Pakistani army chief, the U.S. army added Gen. Ashfaq Kayani to the General Staff College’s International Hall of Fame. Kayani attended the Army college at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in ’88.
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Fired commander spoke to press about Kayani

(WaPo) Fired CENTCOM chief Adm. William Fallon gave journie a detailed account of his meeting with Pakistani Gen. Kayani. The Pentagon didn’t like it. He was soon fired, perhaps for wanting to withdraw from Iraq. [via]

Army grows cooler to Musharraf

(Google) Kayani barred officers from meetings with Pakistani politicians, including Musharraf. The U.S. says he understands that the army needs to switch focus from India to counterinsurgency.

The Quit Pakistan movement

(NYT) Gen. Kayani ordered the withdrawal of military officers from Pakistan’s civil bureaucracy, his boldest step to disentangle the military.
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