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Noida metro

(Gettyimages Pic) Noida to Delhi metro line’s inaugural run.
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Noida metro opening

(ToI) The Delhi metro will run to Noida as of next week with new stations at Akshardham, Mayur Vihar and several Noida sectors.
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Gurgaon metro contract announced

(Express) Contract awarded: Gurgaon will get a metro connecting it to Delhi’s.

Contractor corruption on Delhi metro

(ToI) 16 hairline cracks have been found on Delhi metro lines.
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Delhi metro hit by another accident

(AP) Three cranes buckled while trying to clear the Delhi metro bridge accident site... Sreedharan’s resignation not accepted.
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Commonwealth Games driving metro rush

(Guardian) Authorities are rushing to complete several extensions taking the Delhi metro’s coverage to 60 miles before the Commonwealth Games in October 2010.

Metro construction rushed

(Gettyimages) Photos of both Delhi metro bridge collapses, yesterday and October.
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Charges filed vs. Delhi metro contractor

(Vid) Pics of collapsed Delhi metro bridge. Cops file charges against contractor.
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Delhi metro chief resigns

(ToI) Delhi metro chief Sreedharan resigns after 2nd bridge collapse in 6 months. Thsi one near Lajpat Nagar.
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Delhi metro bridge collapse

(ToI) A portion of a Delhi metro bridge under construction collapsed near GK, killing 6 workers. Cracks in pillar blamed. [via]
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Sari snags

(BBC) At 101 g/km of emissions, the Nano isn’t much greener than the Renault Clio (117g/km), which has a larger engine... The Delhi metro’s escalators have devices to prevent snagging of saris.

Balti, cookin’

(WaPo) Art installed along metro route has Delhiites scratching their heads. ‘I do not see anything special in a bucket. But this is indeed a very, very big bucket.’
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Delhi bombings targeted businesses

(BusWeek) Delhi blast perps targeted biz, not national symbols. Two bombs exploded near entrance to Delhi Metro.
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Every metro logo

(Static) Spot the Delhi metro logo in this compendium of all subway systems. Hint: seems to be in alpha order. [via]
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No Chinese security for torch in Delhi

(IBN) India has turned down China’s request for its Red Guard commandos to accompany the Olympic torch on its short, 3 km jaunt through Delhi.

Delhi metro map looks like Boston’s

(Wikimedia) Delhi metro map looks like the Boston T. There’s even a red line which goes up and to the left. The Boston map: [via]
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