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Baradwaj on ’3 Idiots’

(Baradwaj) It would be a terrible tragedy if Hirani ended up the Madhur Bhandarkar of the feel-good genre, saving the world one profession at a time.

He’s working on the chin

(NYT) ‘3 Idiots’ has become Bollywood’s biggest all-time grosser, suggesting not every Indian needs to become an engineer. [Is Chetan Bhagat our Jay Leno?] ht: DS. More: [via]

Five points of similarity

(HT) Chetan Bhagat was unprofessional as an HT columnist, but the ’3 Idiots’ team denying him a start credit is just childish. (via @shashwati)

Two idiots

(Baradwaj) ‘3 Idiots’ is an upcoming movie version of Chetan Bhagat’s terrible ‘Five Point Someone,’ with a cast far better than the source material including Aamir Khan and Boman Irani.