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‘Peepli Live’

(ToL) Aamir Khan’s ‘Peepli Live’ is the first Indian film to screen at Sundance in competition. Black comedy on Indian village life. (ht: S) Clip: [via]
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He’s working on the chin

(NYT) ‘3 Idiots’ has become Bollywood’s biggest all-time grosser, suggesting not every Indian needs to become an engineer. [Is Chetan Bhagat our Jay Leno?] ht: DS. More: [via]

Clinton and the billionaires

(NYT) Hillary Clinton met with Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Aamir Khan, manager of Taj whose family was killed.

HRC’s 11/26 tribute

(WaPo) Hillary Clinton flew into Bombay, not Delhi, and is meeting Aamir Khan before any Indian officials.

Bollywood slump deflates budgets

(WSJ) To promote ‘Ghajini,’ multiplex employees had to shave their heads Aamir Khan-style... Rohan Sippy wants to do India’s first 3-D film. (ht: @shashwati)

Aamir Khan approached for ‘Maximum City’

(Mint) Rumor: Boyle approached Aamir Khan for his ‘Maximum City’-based thriller. Suketu Mehta’s next book is on NYC immigrants, funded by a Guggenheim fellowship.

Incredible Aamir

(Vid) ‘Madam madam, I phrendship you!’ Aamir Khan defends the honor of two white females in dorky India tourism ad.
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Two idiots

(Baradwaj) ‘3 Idiots’ is an upcoming movie version of Chetan Bhagat’s terrible ‘Five Point Someone,’ with a cast far better than the source material including Aamir Khan and Boman Irani.

‘Ghajini’ memorable

(NDTV) The violence in ‘Ghajini’ is elemental. Aamir Khan with an 8-pack plunges a tap into a man’s thigh. It’s a 360 degree turn from the sensitive teacher he played in Taare Zameen Par.
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(Vid) Aamir Khan does a funny dramatic interp in a half female, half male costume in an ad for satellite TV. (ht: Sapna)
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The art of compromising your art

(Baradwaj) I wish ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ was more attuned to the locutions of the English-speaking (and English-thinking) set that it’s about. But Aamir Khan has become a master at compromised creativity to expand his reach.

Lhasa march called off

(NYT) Tibetan protesters will march on Delhi, not Lhasa, at the Dalai Lama’s request. They appealed to Aamir Khan not to participate in the Olympic torch ceremony.
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Aamir Khan’s blog...

(Lagaandvd) Amir Khan blogs about his latest venture.
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Aamir Khan’s Coke sellout

(Telegraph) Aamir Khan stands in a Coke factory nodding as a company boffin explains some rocket science. He snatches a passing bottle from a conveyor belt to take a deep swig. The message being, Coke is safe to drink, pesticides be damned. [via]
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Couple names

(Indolink Humor) I’d like to see author Salman Rushdie date Stella McCartney and becoming Salmanella. Aamir Khan + Erykah Badu = Amerykah.
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aamir khan retrospective in toronto

(TO Star) Cinematheque Ontario celebrates Aamir Khan’s body of work — and gosh!! , does the man look good for a 59 year old (sic)
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Utterly destroyed

(DNA) Aamir Khan spoke out for the poor. His new film will be boycotted in Gujarat.
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