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Amitava on ‘Tiger, ‘Animal’s,’ ‘Mangoes’

(Bostonreview) Amitava Kumar: I envy Adiga’s claiming authenticity when he is himself in the news: he has access to the real India, he is standing in long lines, he is afraid of drinking dirty water. I could write a novel about this.

Is the longlist too short?

(WSJ) The Booker judges threw out the near-perfect work ‘Netherland.’ And how can you pick ‘White Tiger’ over ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’? [Because it’s better-written?]

Zardari leches over Palin

(CNN) Zardari to Palin: ‘Now I know why a lot of America is crazy about you,’ raving that she was ‘gorgeous.’ ‘If she’s insisting, I might hug.’ [Shades of ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes,’ where Zia leers at Western reporter.] (ht: AK)

‘Mangoes’ and magical realism

(National) ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’ was a hot tip up until the Booker announcement, a magic realist reimagining of the circumstances surrounding Zia’s crash. [Not very magical at all, except for a crow as metaphor.]

The real-life story behind ‘Exploding Mangoes’

(Explodingmangoes) Once upon a time, when I was eighteen, I found myself locked up in Pakistan Air Force Academy’s cell along with my friend and partner-in-crime. We had been caught trying to help another classmate pass his chem exam. [via]

A case of exploding snit-fits

(Middlestage) General Zia teeters out into his kingdom on a bicycle and is humiliated by a constable. Hanif’s novel raises the possibility that the bin Laden’s rage first erupted when he was not invited into a group photograph.

Zia’s rectitude

(ToL) Mohammed Hanif had never driven when he took the stick of a Pakistani T-37 and barfed in his oxygen mask. ‘Zia was basically the godfather of modern, multinational jihad.’ His book takes us up Zia’s inflamed rectum.

‘Netherland’ favored for Booker

(Guardian) The Booker judges are obliged to call in books not put forward by publishers, including ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’... Hill says Joseph O’Neill is the frontrunner for ‘Netherland,’ which combines a post-9/11 New York with cricket.

One cover where mangoes are ok

(List) Novelist Mohammed Hanif joined the Pakistani Air Force Academy as a teen... Zia fired female judges for not covering their heads. When he died ‘there was dancing in the streets.’ Hanif’s novel was rejected by still-wary Pakistani publishers.