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Three-minute fiction

(NPR) Amitava Kumar’s short story in NPR about Indian soldier abuses [Kashmir?]
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Amitava on ‘The Immortals’

(National) ‘He suffered from tension from having to lie to the ladies he taught — white lies, flattery — and from not having a choice.’ Amitava Kumar on Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘The Immortals.’

Mistaken identity

(Blogsome) Chowdhury: Patna quiz shows ask, ‘Who is the author of Patna Roughcut?’ They rarely ever get it right. The audience invariably shouts back, ‘Amitava Kumar.’

‘Slumdog’s’ Bollywood forebears

(VF) Boyle mimicks ‘Black Friday’s’ 12 minute police chase... ‘Q&A;’ has the accidental tour guide take on a new name, Raju, homage to the hero of ‘Guide.’

Mehta hooked up ‘Slumdog’ with gangsters

(Dailybeast) Amitava Kumar: Suketu arranged for gangsters to protect the ‘Slumdog’ shoot. Young men stare glassily at a TV broadcasting the porn movie ‘Queen of the Himalayas.’ A man is selling a Hindi translation of the Starr Report.

Amitava on ‘Tiger, ‘Animal’s,’ ‘Mangoes’

(Bostonreview) Amitava Kumar: I envy Adiga’s claiming authenticity when he is himself in the news: he has access to the real India, he is standing in long lines, he is afraid of drinking dirty water. I could write a novel about this.

‘Dinner with the President’

(PBS) Amitava: Sabiha Samar sat down for dinner with Musharraf in ’05. The filmmakers were awed by him but berated reserved only the less powerful, bearded men.

Rickshaws at the DNC

(Hindu) At the DNC, rickshaws were used to ferry delegates. The pullers were lean and muscular. At $2 a block, it was $40 a mile.

Amitava in Denver IV

(Blogsome) SF DA Kamala Harris said her grandmother in Chennai has been going to the temple every day to pray for Obama’s victory.

Amitava in Denver II

(Blogsome) Hillary Clinton is surely the most artificial politician, with her tight, thin-lipped smile and hideous laughter. Was ‘keep going’ a Harriet Tubman quote, or an entreaty to her loyal cadre?

Amitava at the DNC

(Blogsome) S.R. Sidarth told me that he believes that Macacagate guided him to his calling, politics. ‘Obama’s story resonates with Indians’... In contrast to the Obama t-shirts, the McCain ones are all the hue of deep mud.

Kapoor at Boston ICA

(Weeklydig) Anish Kapoor at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art. One sculpture was so large, they had to install a door in the side of the ICA’s brand-new building. Through Sep. 6; Amitava Kumar kicked it off last week.