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‘A gifted miniaturist’

(NYT) Like his main character, Chaudhuri was tutored by a songstress mother and a Rajasthani guru, has a heart murmur, and moved from downtown Bombay to Bandra’s churches and gulmohar trees.

‘Immortal’ brief

(New Yorker) Not much happens in ‘The Immortals,’ but Amit Chaudhuri lovingly evokes a fractious, contradictory city.

Amitava on ‘The Immortals’

(National) ‘He suffered from tension from having to lie to the ladies he taught — white lies, flattery — and from not having a choice.’ Amitava Kumar on Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘The Immortals.’

Munro wins Int’l Booker

(BBC) Alice Munro pips Naipaul in Int’l Booker. Amit Chaudhuri was one of the judges. (ht: SB)

Chaudhuri, the anti-Rushdie

(ToL) Like Chaudhuri’s earlier novels, The Immortals gets by on scant plot or action. Its tone is meditative, its style capacious and, though we see the characters grow and change over the years, it has a somewhat static feel.

‘The Immortals’

(ToL) The problem with Chaudhuri’s characters is their passivity. For all the precise, elegant observation of their lives, they remain strangely nebulous. Nothing much happens in the 400 pages.

How ‘Midnight’s Children’ was written

(Guardian) ‘Midnight’s Children’ was so successfully pirated that they sent Rushdie greeting cards. Critic: ‘almost entirely malign,’ Amit Chaudhuri: ‘all that was unserious about India — loudness, lack of introspection and irony, peculiar English.’ (ht: Aseem)

Bongs are not brainwashed

(Indep) In his book of essays ‘Clearing a Space,’ Amit Chaudhuri argues Bengali modernism was universal in its outlook. Resemblances to European modernism are familial, not the stigmata of cultural imperialism.

Keats on St. Cyril Road

(Iicdelhi) Banished from downtown Bombay to Bandra, Amit Chaudhuri wrote ‘St. Cyril Road, Bombay,’ published by the ‘LRB.’ It spoke of rootlessness, like Caliban. A friend pointed out he’d unconsciously imitated Yeats.
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