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A womb with a view

(NYT Oct.) Anish Kapoor at the Guggenheim: the end of a Jules Verneian submarine with a bulbous tip like a nippleless areola. (ht: Priya)


(Tate) London grime band Roll Deep does track inspired by Anish Kapoor’s ‘Ishi’s Light,’ an egg with a dark, glossy interior. Creative promo for Tate Modern. [via]
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Shooting into a corner

(Mak Vid) Anish Kapoor’s wax cannon is damn loud, leaves walls oozing.
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(Twitpic Pic) Two birds perch atop Anish Kapoor’s shiny Chicago bean.
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Sanskrit frippery

(Telegraph) Kapoor’s new work include Syavambh, a block of red wax which skins itself on rails, and a cannon which shoots wax into a gallery corner. Photos: [via]
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Brobdingnagian ‘Marsyas’

(Vid) The making of Anish Kapoor’s massive ‘Marsyas’ at the Tate Modern. The title refers to a satyr in Greek mythology who was flayed alive by the god Apollo.
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Kapoor’s spice bazaar

(Brightonfestival Pic) Anish Kapoor recreates Turkish spice bazaar, gets paid a bazillion dollars.
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Kapoor and sindoor

(Twitpic Pic) Anish Kapoor and giant piles of sindoor. In Brighton warehouse.
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C Curve time lapse

(Pic) Vid) Cool time lapse of Anish Kapoor’s C Curve sculpture on the Brighton Downs. Pic: [via]
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Sea Mirror

(Tumblr Photo) Anish Kapoor’s Sea Mirror installation. Gorgeous.
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Kapoor’s grisly exhibit

(Greenkemptownben) Anish Kapoor’s dismemberment exhibit at Brighton fest looks like a set of large, blood red, rocky objects.
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C Curve at seaface

(Pic Photos) Anish Kapoor’s ‘C Curve’ and ‘Sky Mirror’ at this week’s Brighton Festival.

Inside Kapoor’s lair

(Bdonline) Anish Kapoor’s swank London pad looks like an office building.
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56 Leonard renderings

(Gothamist) Renderings of that Tribeca apartment tower with an Anish Kapoor sculpture in the lobby. Designed like off-kilter Jenga blocks.
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The space at the bottom of the bean

(NYT) Beneath Anish Kapoor’s bean is an arched space the size of a small chapel, a dark violet cloudiness except at the highest point, which is reflection free. This small gleaming circle of silvery steel suggests a Baroque occulus letting in light.
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Kapoor felt like an outsider

(Openmediaboston) Anish Kapoor was born in ’54 in Bombay to an Iraqi-Jewish mother and a secular Hindu father. He had a Jewish upbringing and, after the Six Day War went to Israel, but he felt as much an outsider as when he was the only non-Hindu in his Indian school.
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Kapoor’s big Manhattan footprint

(VF) Anish Kapoor was commissioned to build a ‘monumental’ sculpture for the ground floor of 56 Leonard St., an 800-foot Manhattan residential skyscraper by the same architects who designed Beijing’s ‘bird nest’ stadium.
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Kapoor to design world’s largest ‘sculpture’

(Building) Anish Kapoor’s 520 foot tubular steel footbridge will reflect the harbor and retract to allow ships into port.
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Anish Binoche brioche

(Dansedanse) Juliette Binoche and Akram Khan dance together in ‘In-i,’ with set design by Anish Kapoor. At London’s National Theatre in the fall, then int’l tour including Quebec. (ht: Turbanhead)

Kapoor at Boston ICA

(Weeklydig) Anish Kapoor at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art. One sculpture was so large, they had to install a door in the side of the ICA’s brand-new building. Through Sep. 6; Amitava Kumar kicked it off last week.