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Sakina’s restaurant serves roadkill

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi unveils the new Democratic Party logo: a dead possum.

Bitter Aasif

(Hulu) Mandvi plays clip of Glenn Beck ridiculing the Ganga, has tremendous sympathy as a Muslim for all the persecuted Christians in America. At 11:00.

Brit’s Fumes

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi riffs on Fox anchor proselytizing to Tiger Woods with Islamic golf joke.

Audible Aasif

(Audible Aud) Comedian Aasif Mandvi narrates ‘Shalimar the Clown,’ the audiobook. Apropos.

Crashin’ State

(Daily Show Vid) Aasif Mandvi wasn’t invited to the state dinner, only the lunch, where he got to meet Kal Penn. Again.

Genuflect and reflect

(Daily Show) Mandvi on the Fox nontroversy du jour: Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor vaporizes 60 years of foreign policy.

IAAC begins tonight

(Iaac) Aasif Mandvi’s ‘Today’s Special’ opens the IAAC film fest tonight. Co-financed by Raj Rajaratnam.

The fall of the wall

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi and his twin brother were Milli Vanilli, but his brother turned into Sanjay Gupta.

Rajaratnam was to attend ‘Today’s Special’ premiere

(NYT) Rajaratnam was going to London for Aasif Mandvi movie premiere, not fleeing. He previously paid $20M in taxes after a tax shelter was ruled illegal.


(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi will be the token brown analyst spinning yesterday’s election, because his people are good with charts and figures.

Your bath towel is getting very sleepy

(Twitter) Just saw @deepak_chopra at “Bed Bath and Beyond"... I think he was there for the Beyond.

Rajaratnam an investor in Mandvi’s movie

(WSJ) Raj Rajaratnam invested in Aasif Mandvi’s ‘Today’s Special,’ premiering at the IAAC fest. His brother is listed as executive producer.

‘Today’s’ soundtrack

(Fbook) Goldspot did soundtrack for Aasif Mandvi’s ‘Today’s Special’ (Naseeruddin Shah, Madhur Jaffrey). Earlier did soundtrack for ‘The President is Coming.’

Stewart takes down CNN’s vacuousness

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi says CNN is a sober news org while John Oliver exposes it as a bunch of goat f-ers (at end of clip).

Brown Steel

(Twitpic Pic) Aasif Mandvi and Padma Lakshmi pulling a Blue Steel.

Big Brown Comedy Hour

(Fbook) Aasif Mandvi hosting Big Brown Comedy Hour in Manhattan with Dean Obeidallah, Vidur Kapur, Maysoon Zayid, Joe Derosa, Hari Kondabolu, Dan Nainan, Meena Dimian, Judy Vincent, Said Durrah, Mohammed Mohammed, Tahani Zahrey.

The trees are trying to kill us

(Daily Show) Mandvi outdoes himself with satirical mashup of Discovery Channel and M. Night’s ‘The Happening.’ Well done.

Aasif at Emmys

(Twitpic Pic) Aasif Mandvi, Rob Riggle, Larry Wilmore at Emmys tonight — the Daily Show crew.

Mandvi opening IAAC fest

(Iaac) IAAC film fests: ‘Today’s Special’ (Mandvi, Naseeruddin) opens, ‘Antaheen’ closes, ‘Tahaan’ on Kashmir at Smithsonian in D.C. [??]

More than words

(Twitter) Mandvi: Watching Concert for Pakistan at UN. They frown on raising your lighter during the big ballads.
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‘Today’s Special’

(Bfi) ‘Today’s Special’: Aasif Mandvi is a sous chef in a Manhattan restaurant. Madhur Jaffrey plays mom, Naseeruddin Shah a cabbie-ex-machina; Naidu, Debargo, Pallana, Ranjit Chowdhry.

Mandvi in ‘Airbender’

(IMDB) Aasif Mandvi plays Commander Zhao in M. Night’s ‘Airbender.’ Nabil Awad, Mohammed Ali have small roles.

Aasif from Bradford

(Guardian Jun) Sarfraz Manzoor: Baby Mandvi lived in Bradford, had to write his own NYC material because no desi roles. -It’s great there’s an Indian part but too bad the writer’s never met one.

‘Idol’ chit-chat

(Twitter) @Aasif_Mandvi: Taped The Daily Show. Matt Giraud and Anoop Dogg were in the house.

Witch doctor coverage

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi, Samantha Bee and John Oliver debate Obama’s witch doctor death panels.

Iran so far

(Daily Show) Sr. Foreign-Looking Correspondent Aasif Mandvi shows how millions of haraam Westerners are protesting in the streets of Iran.

Mandvi on Supreme Court nominee

(Daily Show) The Daily Show again trots out Aasif Mandvi for rank Latino stereotypes. This time in white socks.

Philly filly

(Twitter) Sighted at the Falu show in Philly: Aasif Mandvi and Dev Patel, both in M. Night’s latest, ‘The Last Airbender.’

Just take it home and urinate

(Daily Show) If a pink line appears on Aasif’s 3 minute Supreme Court justice test, it means s/he support abortion.

Love confession

(Daily Show Apr. 8) In case he dies, Wyatt Cenac wants us to tell Aasif Mandvi’s wife he loves her. At very end. [Mandvi’s not married IRL AFAIK].

Hosting seder at the White House

(Daily Show Apr. 9) Aasif Mandvi debates which monotheistic religion Barack Obama will secretly choose. Surprise, it’s Judaism!

Gators love Indian food

(Daily Show) A Minuteman who watches border webcams in his spare time tells Aasif Mandvi that alligators in the Rio Grande would eat anything — ‘Indians. Mexicans.’

Snakes and a Plame

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi was going to report on Dick Cheney’s misdeeds but got waylaid by a python.

Mandvi joins ‘Airbender’

(Filmofilia) Aasif Mandvi, Shaun Toub (‘Kite Runner’) join Dev Patel in M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Last Airbender.’

Mandvi toasts ‘Slumdog’

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi wanders into the Daily Show’s Oscars skit, still hung over from ‘Slumdog’ parties. At 2:50.

Great expectations

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi says Barack Obama’s inauguration speech will make sweet love to the English language and expose Shakespeare as an untalented hack.

The Delhi open

(Daily Show) Jon Stewart opens with a hat tip to viewers in Delhi. At 5:45, Aasif Mandvi explains why Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is a bad idea.

Glad-handing in the portico

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi analyzes the Obama-Bush meeting at the White House. At 8:43.

But I have brown friends

(Daily Show) 23:43: -I’m having dinner with an Iranian, a Syrian and an Indian. -Because you’re keeping an eye on them. 28:38: Aasif Mandvi corrects Colbert’s Urdu from the Hindu Kush mountains.

A decent Arab family man

(Daily Show) ‘The Daily Show’s’ Muslim correspondent speculates whether there’s such a thing as a loving Arab family man. [The satire is muddled...]

A pat on the back from Mandvi

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi and the other ‘Daily Show’ correspondents pat Jon Stewart on the back for merely doing his job — much like how Congress needed $150B in pork to pass an economy-saving bailout.

Mush-free repartee in ‘Ghost Town’

(NYT) Greg Kinnear, now that he has some lines on his face, is no longer a Ken doll exuding boyish naivete. Here he’s close to Cary Grant. Aasif Mandvi plays Dr. Jahangir Prashar.

‘Ghost Town’: funny

(SF Chron) Ricky Gervais is a dour dentist who snubs an office party held by his friendly partner, Aasif Mandvi, to celebrate a new baby. His doctor (Kristen Wiig) tells him he was technically dead for a few minutes, so he’s plagued by ghosts.

Mandvi in ‘Ghost Town’

(IMDB) Aasif Mandvi plays Dr. Prashar in Ricky Gervais’ upcoming comedy ‘Ghost Town.’

AIG and beyond

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi talks up the financial crisis. His new money show is ‘The Bald Guy and the Hot Chick.’

Small town values

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi and crew prowl the strip clubs of St. Paul during the Republican convention. In the final clip: senior black correspondent Larry Wilmore asks a fellow black man, ‘Whatchoo doing here?’

Mandvi cavorts with twinks

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi reports from a gay disco in the Larry Craig memorial toilet stall at the Republican National Convention.

Aasif at the RNC

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi says the theme of the Republican National Convention is, ‘Give us one more chance, we won’t f- it up.’

The Best F-n’ News Team on the Planet

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi and crew rough up Anderson Cooper at the DNC.

Mandvi’s messiah

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi reports on Obama’s speech in Denver.

Mandvi in Denver

(Daily Show) At the DNC, Aasif Mandvi taps the Rocky Mountains for your wife, Jane Drunksluts-Beergoggles.

The best f- political team on television

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi in very funny ‘Daily Show’ political team promo, a parody of CNN et al.

Mandvi on Hillary’s loss

(Daily Show Jun 4) Aasif Mandvi clowned Hillary supporters at Manhattan’s Baruch college the night Barack Obama clinched the nomination.

Mandvi on Clinton concession

(Daily Show) ‘The Daily Show’s’ mostly good political team on television provides their expert opinions on Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Dudes and the city

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi, Larry Wilmore, John Oliver and Jason Jones do a funny male version of ‘Sex and the City.’ Skip to end.

Mandvi on gas price stories

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi’s soul is a dark and nebulous void.

Live from Liberty City

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi reports from ‘Grand Theft Auto 4,’ where he just destroyed the actual bodega by his apartment with a flamethrower. And on Justice Scalia: [via]

C-rice-is at Costco

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi bemoans rice riots in East Africa. Rob Riggle gloats that Costco customers can buy ‘only’ 200 lbs of rice at a time. Jon Stewart pronounces it ‘bahzz-MAHDI.’
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Mandvi nails Petraeus hearings

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi does a cutting, brilliant parody of Gen. Petraeus’ whitewash of conditions in Iraq. ‘The Iraqi people feel electricity in the air — between 2 and 4:15 pm — about being involved in these theoretical PowerPoint charts.’

Sakina’s stock market

(Daily Show Video) Aasif Mandvi explains the Bear Stearns crisis while experiencing a gravitational altitude correction on the way to skeletal deformation.

Aasif’s oil chart

(Daily Show) Aasif Mandvi explains where the cost of a barrel of oil goes and why they love Dubya in the Middle East.

Mandvi, Riggle and BBQ sauce

(Daily Show Video) Aasif Mandvi shows up briefly in a parody of big cable channels’ glitzy touch-screen election coverage.