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Anoop Desai preparing debut set

(USA Today) Desai says his album will have an “Indian element." “That’s something I’ve been experimenting with a lot in my music — sort of bringing pop, R&B; and Hindi music into one vein." [via]

Sanjaya Sings With a Subway Performer

(Vid) Sanjaya is now performing with subway performers. But hey, it’s oddly fascinating. [via]

DeGeneres joining ‘Idol’

(People) Huge Anoop Desai fan Ellen DeGeneres is joining ‘American Idol’ as the judge replacing Paula Abdul. She once got Obama to boogie on her show.

‘Idol’ chit-chat

(Twitter) @Aasif_Mandvi: Taped The Daily Show. Matt Giraud and Anoop Dogg were in the house.

Noop Dogg in San Jose

(Americanidol) ‘Idol’ tour with Anoop Desai hits San Jose tonight, here’s the full schedule.

Props to the specs

(Twitpic Pic) Noop Dogg wearing massive, John Legend-ish glasses on tour.

Brown man in glowing white

(Vid) Anoop Desai sings ‘Always On My Mind’ in Portland on ‘Idol’ tour.

I wear my sunglasses at night

(Vid) Anoop Desai rocked ‘Mad’ by Ne-Yo at the Tacoma Dome yesterday.

Always in my Dome

(Noop Dogg) Noop Dogg begins ‘Idol’ tour with ‘Always On My Mind’ at the Tacoma Dome.

Adam Says This is for Freddie

(Oprah) Lambert says, ‘[Freddie] was living in a time when you couldn’t be as honest and open about your lifestyle. I’m very fortunate to be in 2009, and I kind of feel like in some weird way this is for him and all the other artists.’

With Allen, Lambert signed, who’s next?

(EW) After Allen and Lambert’s official record contracts, sign Iraheta and Anoop Desai. He does cool, contemporary arrangements and buttery smooth, highly distinctive studio renditions.

Noop on Larry King

(American Idol Season 8 Top 10 On Larry King Live Part 2 Video Vid) Anoop Desai and other contestants interviewed on Larry King tonight. Transcript: [via]


(Antisocial Ladder) I realize Megan Joy was one of 2 females on ‘Idol’ not married or underage, but girl cannot sing. Aim high, brother Anoop.

Noop Dogg and Kris might cut single

(Accesshollywood Vid) Noop and Kris Allen talked about doing a single, but that might be off since Allen won ‘Idol.’ At -1:00.

If you think I’m sexy

(Fbook) Anoop Desai in incredibly cheesy ‘Idol’ performance with Rod Stewart. Very brief solo at 0:40.

Missing Freddie Mercury

(Newsday) The surviving members of Queen played the ‘American Idol’ finale last night. The two finalists did a duet to ‘We Are the Champions.’
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Can’t take the know-it-all out of the grad student

(MySpace) Allison Iraheta, TV host talk about being corrected in public by Noop the folklorist. At 0:50.

Dance party

(Twitpic) Anoop Desai and other Idols rehearse backstage for finale.

Tony don’t play dat

(Vid) No Doubt played ‘American Idol’ last night, and 2 of the 3 guys were dressed like Gwen Stefani, one in a tutu. Tony Kanal was having none of it.

Noop Dogg homecoming

(Wral Photos) Anoop Desai, in a pink shirt and pink striped bowtie, gets a key to the city.

Gettin’ salesy wid it

(Newsday) Anoop Desai ranks 2nd only to Adam Lambert in this season’s ‘Idol’ contestants on an index of how marketable celebs are. Obama’s near the top with Will Smith.

Anoop acknowledges artificial ‘American’

(EW Video) Noop Dogg says ‘Idol’ isn’t really about contemporary R&B;, and those who’ve done it were either gospel-y or didn’t do it on the show. Says he knew the show was messing with him.

The Rodney Dangerfield of ‘Idol’

(EW Video) Anoop Desai got no respect on ‘Idol.’ even though he had remarkable nights. Seacrest even made a Groucho Marx crack about his eyebrows.

‘Idol’ isn’t real music

(TWOP) Anoop’s ideal is to do pop R&B; with elegant phrasing and restraint. If we judge on pure vocals he’s one of the best this year. AI viewers don’t care because they want belting divas and 90-second yellers.

Yakety yak, do talk back

(Comcast) I actually told Ryan before the show, ‘Don’t mess around with me tonight.’� I was glad it was relatively quick. If I had a choice, they would mail me the results.

Conspiracy theory

(TWOP) Here’s my conspiracy theory on why Noop got shafted: ‘Idol’ would never let their save be cut the very next week, or the two women go the same week.

The singout

(Fbook) Video of Noop Dogg’s elimination and singout.

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)

(Fbook) Desai in group disco number originally recorded by the Jacksons in ’79. Very Bolly.

‘Dim’ but high-def

(Fbook) High-res version of Anoop singing ‘Dim All the Lights,’ with judges’ comments.

Consistent Desai

(Voice) That sophisticated glide Anoop found? The great synth-ripples underneath? He sings tricky, high-gloss R&B; with style and sincerity, and the judges have no idea what to do with him. He’s the only one to make great music consistently.

We love Noop’s parents

(EW) Even if Mr. Pink gets voted out tonight, there should be a Checking In With the Desais cam on these two winners for the remainder of the season.

Stick with downtempo

(Americanidolreportcard) The first 37 secs of Noop Dogg’s ‘Dim All the Lights’ had a reserved, almost haunting quality. But it devolved into cruise ship delivery.

‘Dim’ lyrics

(Sing365) Desai’s song, ‘Dim All the Lights,’ has a 16-second, sustained glory note. And these lyrics: ‘take me bottom to top... turn my brown body white.’ Eww.

‘Dim All the Lights’

(Twitter) Composer who arranged Desai’s song says he’s singing Donna Summer’s ‘Dim All the Lights’ tonight. The song: [via]

Disco night preview

(Twitter) Anoop in polyester pants, Adam in high heels, should be a good show.

Tar Heels rally for Noop Dogg

(Dailytarheel) UNC is holding a rally to keep Anoop Desai out of the double elim tonight.

Geek relaxation

(USA Today) Anoop Desai de-stresses before singing by working the crossword. [Vote tonight from 9-11pm.]

‘Love that kid’

(Fbook) Video of Anoop Desai making the major cut for the current ‘Idol’ season. Simon Cowell scowled at Desai even then.

Noop treated like Sanjaya

(TWOP) -Anoop is being treated like he doesn’t belong on the show, they seem angry at him for being there. He’s being treated much like they treated Sanjaya — making him into a joke. -He’s a fabulous vocalist but a preppy college kid.

They’re just not that into Noop

(TWOP) It’s not that America dislikes Anoop, it’s more that while voters were figuring out who they like, Anoop tried to dance.

Muppet threading

(Twitter) ‘I can’t take Anoop Desai seriously when he’s got the equivalent of a Muppet above his eyes.’

Idols at Dodgers game

(Gettyimages) Noop Dogg chats up Dodgers coach at game. He’s the tallest of the ‘Idol’ contestants: [via]

Cowell not digging the Noop

(Myfoxla) Simon Cowell says he wouldn’t use the judge’s save on Anoop Desai. At 4:06.

Epic defense-of-Anoop thread

(TWOP) You know Anoop? Lets make sure he gets tepid praise for a really fantastic performance. What he is safe? Great, now we can f- with him for one more week. Anoop, the human punching bag.

Anoop on the radio

(USA Today) Mediabase shows only two ‘Idol’ finalists receiving radio airplay — Adam Lambert’s ‘Born to Be Wild,’ and Anoop Desai’s ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You.’

Noop relief

(Photobucket Video) Anoop sent back to the ‘safe’ couch after judges disagreed. Clip of Seacrest messing with him again: [via]

The ’80s never die

(Fbook) Noop almost lost his footing in a group song to ‘Maniac’ from ‘Flashdance.’ The show refuses to do songs from this century, apparently.

Stayin’ alive

(Newsday) Anoop Desai safe. Matt Giraud cut but saved by judges. 2 cut next week, disco week.

Brown McKnight

(EW) Shouldn’t the judges be backing Noop, who could be a latter day Brian McKnight or Babyface? An unflattering camera angle did not conjure Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in a cloak in the misty woods from ‘Robin Hood.’

Everything I Do (I Do It in HD)

(Fbook) High-res Noopage of song from ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.’ Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio digs.

Kill Quentin

(Photobucket) Quentin Tarantino coaches Noop Dogg.

Noop the croonster

(Wrap) Desai brought me back to my early ’90s high school dances. Anoop, do you have a date for Sadie Hawkins yet?

Look into my eyes

(Examiner) Desai was technically clean, vocally pure, and heartfelt with the right balance of intensity, dynamics, and mature phrasing. He poured so much into the performance that he was sweating.

Everything I Noop

(Rickey Video) Theme: cinematic music. Mentor: Quentin Tarantino. Noop Dogg goes cheesy on your @ss with ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You’ by Bryan Adams. Sounds a bit like Journey. Another ballad, no style makeover. Vote: (866) 436-5702.

Valet coolie

(Photobucket) Matt Giraud asks a red-vested Anoop Desai to park his car like a valet. Yet another car ad.

Noop Dogg ready if voted off

(EW) During a break on the ‘Idol’ results show, Anoop was walking around the perimeter and mouthing something unintelligible. ‘These are the only two guys who ever vocalized in this time’ (practicing their farewell songs).

Amusing tweet

(Twitter Along the lines of an earlier comment:) ‘FOX should stop ganging up on the Indians. Anoop barely made it on American Idol. As if killing Kumar on House wasn’t good enough.’

White guilt

(Twitter) ‘Why does seeing Anoop in the bottom two make me want to buy Slumdog Millionaire on DVD. Me and my stinkin’ white guilt...’

Desai’s 9 lives

(Newsday) Anoop Desai survives again, bottom 2. Scott MacIntyre gets cut.

‘Idol’ recap

(Fbook) High-def version of Noop Dogg singing ‘True Colors.’


(Fbook Video) Noop Dogg gets brief solo at 1:25 in group lip-sync to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’

Good morning, Idols

(Fbook Video) Another car ad with Noop Dogg and the Idols.

She’s like a bird

(EW) Megan Joy flapped her wings, cawed and implored Anoop Desai and Allison Iraheta, ‘Don’t forget to caw!,’ after Seacrest sent them back to the Plush Couches of Safety. Anoop poked fun at Kris’s side-mouth singing.

‘Caught Up’ studio version

(Vid) Noop Dogg singing Usher’s ‘Caught Up’ in the studio, and it rocks.

Desai survives again on ‘Idol’

(Buddytv) Anoop Desai safe, Megan Joy goes home.

Noop dogged

(Fbook Video) Desai singing ‘Caught Up,’ popped collar, shoulder chain. Eyes casting daggers at judges’ comments.

A bit late to begin snarling

(Newsday) Anoop’s gotta stop picking songs with that snarling thing. It’s just not believable in him; he has no edge, he’s a smart, nice guy. So do the ballads and showcase the vocals.

‘Straining to prove he was a star’

(Orlandosentinel) First up was Anoop Desai, singing Usher and straining to prove he was a star. His singing was fine, but his stage presence was awkward and amateurish. ‘A complete, utter mess,’� Simon Cowell ruled. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good, either.

‘Caught Up’

(Rickey) Listen to Noop Dogg singing the Usher hit.

Anoop Desai goes lame

(Newsday) Anoop Desai sings Usher, bringing back the snarling attitude to ‘Caught Up.’ It’s a train wreck, like a little kid dressing up and throwing poses in front of a mirror. Judges called it ‘wannabe.’ The original: [via]

‘Baby’ in the studio

(Imeem) Desai sings ‘Ooh Baby Baby,’ the studio version. Smooth oldie, a little boring.

‘Idol’ drowning in x-promo

(Americanidol) ‘Idol’ marketing juggernaut continues with Anoop Desai and other contestants cutting this auto ad. Rumor: next week is Apple promo, iTunes top 100.

Sing another day

(Rickey) Anoop Desai not punted from ‘Idol,’ survives to sing another day. Michael Sarver gets served.

Adam Lambert the true Sanjaya

(Merc) Like Sanjaya before him, the theatrical, style-shifting and gay Adam Lambert spent one episode toning down, slicking back his hair and softly crooning. He’s Sanjaya with talent.

Smokey and the Miracles

(Vid) Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perform ‘Ooo Baby Baby’ live, the song Noop Dogg covered tonight.

‘Ooo Baby Baby’

(Rickey) Desai sang ‘Oo Baby Baby’ on Motown week tonight.

Anoop on TV before ‘Idol’

(Wral) Anoop Desai used to play Raj on a local TV show focused on a group of students maintaining the school’s Web site. It tackled serious issues such as race and death.

Watching Anoop and translating ‘Idol’

(MSNBC) ‘That song was too big for you’ means ‘You are a small woman from Oklahoma, and that was sung originally by a large woman from Detroit.’
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Anoop Motown preview

(Herald Dispatch) Anoop Desai: ‘Let’s Get It On’: by Marvin Gaye If there’s anyone that can pull this one off and make the audience love it, it’s Anoop. Simon would say it’s ‘self-indulgent rubbish,’ but who cares? [He’s on Idol tomorrow.]

Noop Dogg in Motown

(Truveo Video) Anoop Desai grins in Detroit. Poor kid’s life is turning into the Truman Show.

A spasm of promotion

(Vid) This is a post about a video about a making-of about a commercial about an auto. Anoop Desai and other Idols in car ad. At 2:14.

‘Panty dropper’ Desai

(TWOP) My god, but that boy Anoop has a great recording voice. My baby sister’s e-mail: ‘Holy hell but is that song a Panty Dropper or what?’ Studio recording: [via]

Noop in HD

(Fbook) High-quality vid of Noop Dogg’s ‘Always on My Mind.’ Chills.

‘Idol’ chatter

(Azcentral) Anoop’s “Beat It" was like Webster doing a gangsta rap medley. Gokey’s ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’: it concerns me that in a moment of vehicular crisis, a driver might remove his hands. The lord steers those who steer themselves.

Idols in Motown

(Detnews) Anoop Desai dressed the part, wearing a black Motown hooded sweatshirt. Scott MacIntyre, who is vision-impaired, carried a walking cane with him and was helped up the walkway to the building by an assistant.

Noop Dogg cheered in Motor City

(Freep) Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud got most of a Detroit crowd’s love as they visited the Motown Museum.

A fall for Grace

(BaltSun) As expected, Anoop Desai made the top 10 and will go on tour with the rest. Alexis Grace was cut [not Michael Sarver?]

Sitar hero II

(Vid) Dilana Robichaux’s vaguely Middle Eastern-style ‘Ring of Fire.’ An ‘Idol’ contestant used this arrangement and added recorded sitar.

Darling, you’ve got to let me know

(Vid) Anoop Desai stays, Jorge Nunez dismissed. Desai’s parents look relieved. Both dismissed singers tonight are non-white.

Safe Dogg

(Newsday) Anoop Desai survived the cut to sing again despite his square take on ‘Beat It.’

Desai attemps Michael Jackson

(Vid) Anoop Desai tries on the ‘Beat It’ sneer, fails. Voice is ok though.


(Dialidol) Software which measures ‘Idol’ busy signals predicts Desai’s safe.

Blue Dogg

(Examiner) The 800 number for would-be Anoop Desai voters on ‘American Idol’ is actually a phone sex line.

Strait-laced Desai

(Eonline) There will be two ‘Idol’ makeovers tonight, Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver. ‘You should’ve seen how long it took us to persuade Anoop to wear that Polo shirt last Thursday. It was very adventurous for him.’

‘Noop sexes it up

(Vid) Anoop’s repeat of ‘My Prerogative.’ Sexes up the moves, actual singing is kinda weak this time. Judges pick him as 13th finalist on antics and crowd appeal, much like Sanjaya: [via]

Desai rounds out baker’s dozen

(Zap2it) Finally we are down to Anoop and Matt Giraud. Simon tells Matt that he is through and Simon tells Anoop that they decided recently to make this a Top 13 and put him through.

Desai in a polo

(Newsday) Anoop Desai is really sexing this up. Best audience reaction of the night, they shriek on and on; his poor parents are just sitting there smiling. Simon: You’re like an enthusiastic dog, not the best singer but people like you.

‘Noop Shock

(Vid) Anoop Desai takes a wildcard slot, looking shocked. At 7:48.

Anoop? Dey he is!

(Newsday) Simon Cowell bats cleanup, and Anoop Desai is the last one in; calls him original, talented, one of the easiest wildcard picks. Jorge sings us out, Anoop looks a bit overwhelmed.

Anoop’s back, maybe

(Votefortheworst) Anoop Desai spotted coming out of ‘Idol’ taping for wildcard round.

Anoopdog Millionaire

(Fbook Parody) What does it take to get into the top 12 on ‘American Idol’?

DeGeneres for Desai

(Vid) Ellen DeGeneres was mad that Anoop Desai didn’t make the cut on ‘Idol.’

Puzzled over Anoop

(Fbook) On her TV show, Ellen DeGeneres said she couldn’t understand why Anoop Desai was eliminated from ‘Idol’ and played a clip of him singing. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser also praised him.

Dead reckoning

(Americanidol) Clip of Anoop Desai being eliminated from ‘Idol,’ at 1:40.

Anoop the wildcard

(MSNBC) Anoop Desai fell 20K votes short of Sarver, which with 24M ballots is like losing by hanging chads. He gets another chance in the wildcard round in 3 weeks. [Sanjaya got through — what a crock.]

Noop Dogg picks quieter song

(MSNBC) Anoop Desai’s big asset is his likability, but he sang ‘Angel of Mine’ by Monica, and it wasn’t as memorable as when he did ‘My Prerogative’ during auditions. The song: [via]

The questionable haircut

(EW) It was nice to see Desai get a little funky, and do it with pitch perfection. Now let’s just hope the dude with the questionable haircut keeps trending toward New Edition and away from Boys II Men.

Noop dey it is

(Wral) There is even talk of ‘Anoopdog Millionaire’� merchandise for the 22-yr-old Desai. His mom Nalini said she has always watched the show but never phoned in to vote.

Droppin’ some Desai

(Fbook) Anoop Desai on ‘Idol’ singing ‘If It’s Magic.’ Alternate link: [via]

It’s his prerogative

(Fbook) Anoop Desai made it through to the top 36 on ‘American Idol’ with Bobby Brown’s ‘It’s My Prerogative.’ Alternate audio clip: [via]

Anoop there he is

(Gearlive) Anoop Desai, who tried out in Kansas City, followed. He sang with a ton of heart. Cowell: ‘all, unfortunately, are in the same boat.’ The entire group made it into Round 2.

Sanjaya hits the Bat Mitzvah Circuit

(Newsday) ‘No, I’ve never done a bat mitzvah before,’ said a smiling Malakar, who planned to serenade the Woodbury girl with ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ during her first dance with daddy. Afterward, it would be ‘You Really Got Me,’ which he sang twice on ‘Idol.’

Not a Fanjaya

(Vid) After presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says he saw a UFO, Jon Stewart compares him to Sanjaya Malakar. At very end.

Shaava Kashif — International Man of Mystery

(Desicomedy) He’s made it pretty far, but I think that’s because of the Sanjaya effect(novelty). It seems to me like he’s doing his own choreo... but if he had some help with some music with a good beat(read: bhangra) he could get the crowd even more into it. [via]

Sanjaya disappoints on tour

(Contracostatimes) Malakar was the weak link. His tribute to Michael Jackson, “Thriller" and “The Way You Make Me Feel," was a train wreck. His hair, however, looked great.

Sanjaya on summer tour

(Nashvillescene) The opening chords of ‘Thriller’�... a lithe, red-skinny-jeans-clad figure rose from the floor. Sanjaya! To our dismay, he tried his hand at ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’�

Willis wore Sanjaya wig

(People) “This is just an Internet Rogaine accident gone terribly, terribly wrong." — Bruce Willis, after David Letterman accused him of looking like “that Sanjaya guy" when he appeared on The Late Show in a fauxhawk wig

The Sanjaya Project

(Funnyordie Humor video) Sanjaya Malakar explains how his ‘American Idol’ run was just an elaborate art project by an industrial design grad student, like ‘The Shape of Things.’

Appreciating the French

(MSNBC) France just had 85% turnout. The only thing 85% of Americans ever voted on was Sanjaya. The American ideas of individuality, religious tolerance and freedom of speech came from the French Enlightenment, but, shhh, don’t tell Alabama. [via]

It ain’t over ‘til the brown man sings

(Eonline) Aerosmith’s Joe Perry had the honor of accompanying Sanjaya Malakar on “You Really Got Me" in the “American Idol" finale. Jordin Sparks won.

Sanjaya the underachiever

(Ncmonline) The secret of Sanjaya’s success is his sense of humor. I miss India’s self-parodying, the joking and clowning, the easy banter that pervaded every aspect of our lives. It was glue that held the country together in tough times.

Brian Williams’ non-apology apology

(SAJA) I regret that the joke I made on David Letterman’s show last month [about Sanjaya Malakar’s name] may have hurt or offended anyone...

Western civilization jumps the shark

(Federalwaynews) Even Sanjaya’s hairdresser is interviewed — the end is nigh. Says Malakar had the support of Indians at Microsoft.

Sanjaya on Jimmy Kimmel

(Video) Sanjaya Malakar tells Jimmy Kimmel his aunt voted for him 1,100 times. Kimmel’s a dick as usual, pushing Sanjaya to declare his sexuality.

Sanjaya says he’s just really, really emo

(Realitytvworld) “When I went up to girls they would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them."

Sanjaya’s mom busted for pot farm

(Entertainmentwise) Neighbors reported smelling marijuana and noticed a large vent on the garage roof. Cops discovered 310 marijuana plants and growing lights. Sanjaya Malakar’s mom Jillian Blyth was sentenced to 30 days.

Malakar on CBS

(Video) Sanjaya interviewed on the CBS’ Early Show, said he felt honored by the SNL parody.

Sanjaya phenom because of TV’s decline

(NYT) Sanjaya Malakar is by wide consensus the worst contestant ever to get into the final rounds of ‘American Idol’ [I disagree]. Reality TV succeeds because it’s cheap, and the Net is killing basic TV. There will be more Sanjayas in our future.

Britney Spears and Sanjaya duet?

(Rediff) Pop star Britney Spears is apparently eager to work with sanjaya..

Scoffing at call center conspiracy

(Bloggingstocks) I own 25 call centers in India, and all my staff is just sitting idle during American Idol. So I made them vote for Sanjaya. For every 100 votes, they get a pay grade increase. [via]

Aasif, ponyhawked

(Video) On the ‘Daily Show,’ Aasif Mandvi almost rejoices at Sanjaya’s expulsion.

Sanjaya in Times Square

(Video) Sanjaya on the Today Show. ‘Simon, thanks for your honesty and your brutality.’ Ok, now he’s officially overexposed.

I’ve always wanted to visit Petra

(Star Photo) Sanjaya Malakar and model Petra Nemcova at press dinner.

Malakar popular in D.C.

(TO Star) Who was the most popular man at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on the weekend? American Idol reject Sanjaya, so mobbed even the governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, initially couldn’t get an autograph.

Sanjay on Letterman

(Video) Sanjaya tells Letterman the Top Ten things he learned on ‘American Idol.’

Olbermann on Malakar exit

(Video) Keith Olbermann tries to divine meaning from Sanjaya’s ‘Idol’ exit.

Hisses for singer

(Video) Sanjaya Malakar booed at Dodger Stadium.

Sanjaya: Where are they now?

(Video) Jimmy Kimmel spoof ‘Where are they now?’ segment on Sanjaya Malakar’s hair care venture after ‘American Idol.’

Heckler tells CNBC to vote Sanjaya

(Video) Man breaks into live CNBC broadcast to urge America to vote for Sanjaya.

C-Span on Sanjaya

(Video) C-Span captures Sanjaya entering the White House Press Correspondents dinner, at 1:10.

Malakar reprises ‘Besame’ on TV

(Video) Sanjaya rocks out with ‘Besame Mucho’ on Regis & Kelly.

Scarlett and Sanjaya on SNL

(Video) Scarlett Johanssen and a Sanjaya impressionist sing a duet on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Sanjaya appears on Jay Leno

(Video) Sanjaya interviewed on Jay Leno. Jack Black: ‘Indians are r ad too!’

Eliot Spitzer a Sanjaya fan

(HuffPo·L) “... the governor of New York came up to me and said, `I’m a fan, I vote.’" Malakar was to read the “Top Ten" list on David Letterman’s show Monday night.

Sanjaya at D.C. press dinner

(HuffPo·L) There was the fallen Idol, seated next to a bodyguard. Sanjaya’s table was a hot destination throughout the Correspondents’ dinner. His mother is a very charming woman.

‘Sluggy’ name-checks Sanjaya

(Sluggy Comic) Throwaway Sanjaya Malakar line in popular Web comic ‘Sluggy Freelance.’

Mr. Malakar goes to Washington

(Merc) Sanjaya Malakar is attending tonight’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington as a guest of People magazine. Bitten by Stephen Colbert’s Dubya roast last year, the organizers picked a nonpolitical comic this year.

Desis unlikely to win ‘American Idol’

(Express) Sanjaya became the odd guy, Peter Sellers with hair. A member of a small ethnic minority would be unlikely to win. An economist concluded that American Idol voters were likely to prefer contestants of their own race.

AP story confuses Indians with Indian-Americans

(Tribune) On ‘Indian Idol,’ they sing songs the whole country knows by heart. The songs on ‘American Idol,’ no one has ever heard of... [Story then confuses Sanjaya’s wish to be a breakout desi performer in the U.S. with the Indian market.]

Malakar voted off American Idol

(AP) Sanjaya Malakar, the under-talented but unflappable singer who horrified and captivated millions in his improbable “American Idol" run, was finally voted off the show Wednesday night.

Craig Ferguson on Sanjaya

(Video) He got fired from the TV show, then the radio show. It was very hard to know who would go first, if it was [Don] Imus or Sanjaya, I didn’t know who it was going to be.

What’s saving Sanjaya

(LAT WaPo) ‘American Idol’ shows what qualities Americans will forgive in a pop star, whether it’s extra pounds, sexual ambiguity or an unfamiliar ethnicity. Malakar’s got two out of three. A plain old good sport can survive for awhile.

Baseball player doesn’t like Sanjaya jibes

(Canada) Oakland A’s player with long hair: “Then there’s that dude Sanjaya, from American Idol. Give me a break. I mean, come on, dude. I’m 170 pounds heavier than that guy."

Hillary asked about Sanjaya

(Merc) During a radio call-in, Hillary Clinton was asked what the U.S. can do about Sanjaya Malakar. “People can vote for whomever they want. That’s true in my election, and it’s true on ‘American Idol.’"

Malakar’s parents met in Hare Krishnas

(Bosh) Sanjaya Malakar’s parents were followers of the Hare Krishna movement. They had been members of a Krishna temple in a small town 17 miles east of Seattle.

House Speaker name-checks Sanjaya

(SF Chron) Pelosi was late on Jay Leno and apologized because she had to cast a critical vote — for Sanjaya Malakar.

Leno translates ‘Besame’

(Video) Jay Leno subtitles Sanjaya’s performance of ‘Besame’: ‘Kiss my skinny ass, I’m not going anywhere.’ (at 1:00)


(Jossip) Someday Sanjaya is going to be sleeping under an underpass somewhere, and that KFC lifetime supply might come in handy. He does not deserve a white suit either. Only Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize can pull that look off.

Nielsen mentions SM

(Marketwire) Nielsen blog buzz: Sanjaya’s so well-known, bloggers have dropped his last name. Lists Sepia Mutiny between celeb-centric blogs.

‘Idol’ fans vote judges off

(SF Chron) Rosie O’Donnell complained about what passes for entertainment: “Three millionaires, one probably intoxicated," making fun of someone’s looks. When judges criticize Sanjaya, America lashes back.

Jimmy Kimmel on ‘B�same’

(Video) Jimmy Kimmel: Sanjaya sang in Spanish. This is part of President Bush’s plan to drive out the illegal aliens.

�Martes Gigante!

(Dummocrats) Wow. Actually singing in Spanish. Tall props to Sanjaya. He’s the best supergay Indian Leif Garrett-alike ever!

Sanjaya odds rising

(Ocregister) In AOL’s poll, Sanjaya vaulted into first place. Odds on him finishing in the top five have dropped from 2:1 against to even money, and he has gone from underdog to 8:1 to win the whole thing.

Tarantino on Sanjaya

(Video) Quentin Tarantino says Sanjaya reminds him of his first girlfriend (at 5:00).

Leno beats Sanjayamania to death

(Video) Jay Leno invites a country band to tell the last ‘American Idol’ ejectee who should’ve gone instead: ‘Sanjaya, goodbye-a.’ Near the end.

More recognize Sanjaya than prez candidates

(Timesnow) ABC News asked New Yorkers to identify presidential candidates and Idol contestants. Sanjaya was the most recognizable face.

Leno riffs on Sanjaya again

(Agweb) No matter how horribly Sanjaya does, he gets voted back. He’s like the George Bush of American Idol. And Simon is not pleased. You can tell. He looks at Sanjaya the way Hillary looks at Bill. ‘Why are you still here?’

Sanjaya is Obama

(Wonkette) Sanjaya Malakar is actually the same person as Barack Obama: Both are accused of being all style and no substance. Both are far better looking than normal Americans.

Another opinion on Sanjaya

(WaPo) Washington Times columnist Eugene Robinson dubs Sanjaya “The Axis of ‘Idol’"

J.Lo a Sanjaya fan

(Video) He [Sanjaya] really does have a light. You know, there’s something really sweet about him. He’s young, he needs to come into his own, but he has a good voice, he has a sweet voice.

Malakar’s desi shout-out

(Insidebayarea) Certainly, Sanjaya’s climb up the “Idol" ladder is attracting intense interest in India. “There’s never been an Indian-American Idol," he said in the most recent People magazine. “I want to be proof of the melting pot that America is."

India not paying attention to Malakar

(SF Chron) If Sanjaya can hold on, he might see his fame spread in India, said Amit Varma of India Uncut. “Even if the guy’s really an American, it will be projected by the media here as an Indian doing well in the world. They’ll make a big deal about it."

The next ’24’

(Video) Jimmy Kimmel parody: Jack Bauer must kill Sanjaya Malakar.

Seven stages of Sanjaya

(Video clip) Denial, bargaining, anger, acceptance — how Jimmy Kimmel deals with Sanjaya on ‘American Idol.’ This one’s pretty cute.

Pre-nostalgic for Malakar

(Nashvillescene) Sanjaya is the bundle of glee, bum notes and satiny locks we’ve come to know and discuss. I can see myself watching I Love the 00’s 10 years from now and recalling that magical spring when this na�ve, delusional Indian teen invaded our souls.

Sanjaya on the Titanic

(HuffPo·L HuffPo) Sanjaya is the comet that will crash into the Idol juggernaut. It is time to evolve past this superficial show. Sanjaya just happened to be the beautiful Indian iceberg that will break the hull.

Sanjaya, the ironic tee

(Bustedtees Photo) Tee with the iconic shag which says ‘Goodbye-a Sanjaya.’

Zach Braff says vote for Sanjaya

(Apple Video clip) Zach Braff (‘Garden State’) says to vote for Sanjaya while introducing a clip of his new movie.

If Sanjaya Wins

(Ifsanjayawins) What would you do? Funny site with great pictures..

Sony coming to grips with Sanjaya’s chances

(Tabloid) Sony BMG execs are really nervous. They think Sanjaya could win the competition and worry that the novelty will wear off. But a number of Hollywood songwriters are quietly writing songs for one person only — Sanjaya.

Sanjaya’s hair better than contestants

(Slate) Sanjaya’s hair is mercurial, charismatic, garish—the closest thing to an actual pop star this season. Isn’t flashing-neon-sign vulgarity what we crave in our pop stars? Sanjaya Malakar’s glam squad wheel in another barrel of pomade.

‘Sanjay the next Prince’

(Columbusdispatch) Sanjaya has more charisma in his little finger than any other Idol winner has in their whole body. Sanjaya is Michael Jackson and Prince to the new age. [Put down that crack pipe.]

He’s Marathi, actually

(Popmatters) “Sanjaya" — from Bengali, meaning “shaggy rag doll capable of mutilating Kinks klassiks.” You find just the right tune for you, Pony Hawk, let your full flamboyance flower, and it won’t matter that everyone else sings circles around you.

KFC offers Sanjaya food for haircut

(USA Today) KFC issued a publicity stunt press release offering Sanjaya Malakar a lifetime supply of a KFC dish if he cut his hair in a bowl cut.

Sanjaya outlasts hunger striker

(Bostonherald) “J" had gone 16 days without food in protest of Sanjaya Malakar’s presence on “American Idol," but finally gave up under doctor’s orders.

Bet on Sanjaya’s hair

(Gambling911) The online gambling site offers even odds for picking which hairdo Sanjaya Malakar is most likely to sport during Tuesday night’s show.

Leno on Sanjaya again

(Video clip) Jay Leno: Sanjaya is an ancient Indian name which means William Hung.

First Scarborough on Sanjaya

(Video clip) Mar. 22 Scarborough Country on Sanjaya Malakar.

Sanjaya has guts

(MSNBC) Most teens can’t pick a lunch table without peer approval, but here is a kid getting up in front of America, and saying okay, I am what I am, and I’m going to do what I do. Sanjaya may be a national joke but I think the joke might be on us.

Sanjaya on ‘Scarborough Country’

(Video clip) Pundit Joe Scarborough on Malakar. One of the only times you’ll see Partridge Family alumnus Danny Bonaduce on TV. ‘At least we know his hair is straight.’

Malakar getting a raw deal

(Freep) Sanjaya was mentioned on the Colbert Report and Scarborough Country. The anti-Sanjaya bandwagon reminds me of the unfair frenzy over the Dean scream. Sanjaya is too young to be a national punchline.

Corrupting American Idol

(NYT) Sanjaya Malakar looks like a 1970s pop star of the David Cassidy/Bobby Sherman/Andy Gibb variety. He hasn’t been among the lowest vote-getters in recent rounds, after the Vote for the Worst founder appeared on Howard Stern’s show.

Vote for the Worst attacked

(Nationalledger) Sanjaya Malakar supporter Votefortheworst.com fell Wednesday to an all-day DDoS attack using spoofed IP addresses. The site was pounded by 400 megabits of traffic per second.

Sanjaya a member of the tribe

(Orlandosentinel) I’m an American Indian (Native American — the other red skin) and I and many in my tribe support Sanjaya. So its not just Indian Americans that support him. God love him, he is what makes American Idol entertaining.

‘Idol’ is politics, not singing

(BoGlobe) “Idol" is a political game. Sanjaya, perhaps more than any “Idol" contestant in history, has figured how to galvanize his base. Partly to make his fiancee mad, on man voted for Sanjaya about 300 times.

Malakar survives again

(Buddytv) Sanjaya Malakar survives with his ponyhawk, Fox sweating in case he wins.

Sanjaya’s future recording career

(Honoluluadvertiser) I see Sanjaya as a Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy. He can talk-sing light ballads and uptempo kid-friendly pop. Since looks are a big part of the sales job, they’ve got to take pages out of bubblegum. The guy can’t sing? What’s new?

Sanjaya, anime god

(Jerseygoddess) Sanjaya is bishonen, an anime term for a pretty boy. Since young girls have telephones attached to their earlobes, they vote for Sanjaya.

‘Sanjaya’ = empty suit

(Tabloid) I work with an office “Sanjaya" — an empty suit who succeeds despite a lack of talent.

The Sanjaya shag

(Worldofwonder Humor) A tabloid Photoshops Sanjaya Malakar’s hairdo onto celebs male and female. [via]

Sanjaya makes it onto summer tour

(AP) Stephanie Edwards was voted off ‘American Idol,’ while unwatchable performer Sanjaya Malakar was allowed to stay in the top 10 and will tour over the summer.

All your tweens belong to Sanjaya

(ABC) There’s no evidence Indian-Americans are flooding the phone lines to vote for Malakar. Online supporters tend to be ‘tween girls. Many call themselves “Malakrazy."

Malakar sings ‘You Really Got Me’

(Video clip) The miraculously surviving Sanjaya Malakar massacres the Kinks.

Malakar sang in choir

(Video clip) A younger Sanjaya Malakar sings ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ in a church choir.

Malakar makes girls cry

(Orlandosentinel) A weeping girl in the audience may save Sanjaya Malakar, who tried to rock out on “You Really Got Me." Simon Cowell: “I think the girl’s face said it all." But Sanjaya’s teen girl appeal is clear. [via]

Cowell threatened to quit if Malakar wins

(Tabloid) Simon Cowell said he’d quit ‘American Idol’ if the bland Italian-Indian-American singer Sanjaya Malakar manages to win.

Sanjaya Survives

(Americanidol) I don’t understand. Please try to explain.

Sanjaya’s top 12 performance

(Video clip) On ‘American Idol,’ Sanjaya Malakar actually manages to make ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ boring. Diana Ross introduces.

Stop Sanjaya on American Idol

(Phillyburbs Photo) Sanjay is Darth Maul. Ok, listen up, my determined little rebels. There are evil forces amassing out there, bent on keeping that yowling beanpole Sanjaya on American Idol. It’s up to us to stop him, and I have a plan.

Sanjaya vs. Halle Berry

(Tabloid) A new “American Idol" won’t be crowned until May, but there’s one competition Sanjaya Malakar has already won — the Halle Berry Lookalike Contest!

Desis backing Sanjaya on American Idol

(Buddytv) Sanjaya Malakar is the worst singer to ever make it into an American Idol top 12. It’s the Yao Ming phenomenon. Desis are really getting behind their boy Sanjaya and inflating his votes.

More suckage from Sanjaya

(Video clip) Sanjaya Malakar blands his way through John Mayer’s ‘Waiting on the World the Change.’ Judges have no idea why he’s still in, but it’s probably the David Cassidy thing.

Why Malakar survived on ‘Idol’

(MSNBC) Sanjaya Malakar got a sympathetic portrayal in earlier episodes. He was the lone teenager among the 12 men. Malakar may get as far as the final 12.

Malakar the best-known desi American?

(Slate) Sanjaya Malakar is the most ethnically exotic on American Idol. He instantly becomes the most well-known South Asian in the United States. (Who else is there? Gandhi? Salman Rushdie? The girl from Bend It Like Beckham?)

Indian among the top 24 American Idol contestants

(Americanidol) It’s good to see an Indian [Ed.: Sanjaya Malakar] making it to the top 24 of American Idol.

Eat my chuddies, Adam Carolla

(SM) On the radio, Adam Carolla went into this fake Apu accent the whole time he discussed Sanjaya on American Idol and sang the Stevie Wonder song with the accent and a sitar playing in the background. [Not to mention that Sanjaya grew up in the U.S.]