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It’s good to be the king

(Tobaccodocuments) Cigarette ad shows the Sultan of Bundi living the high life.
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Village infomercials

(WSJ) In remote Indian villages a former wedding singer cracks jokes, gives demonstrations and stages game shows to sell mobiles and other products.
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Baby steps in Indian ads

(WSJ) Indian ads now use white models with black hair pretending to be expats. The old domestic ads vs. those using whites to sell imports have now merged.
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(Vid) Giant dominoes fall through Rajasthan and Agra in an electronics ad. Real or CGI?
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An excess of advertising

(Krishashok) It Ford Pickup struck me as unfortunate that Indian cricket commentators have to Anchor plug brand names into every sentence they Pillsbury utter.

Tata Xeta’s attract strange women

(Photoshopdisasters) Looks like Tata skimped on the graphics guys in this ad for the Xeta.
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A spasm of promotion

(Vid) This is a post about a video about a making-of about a commercial about an auto. Anoop Desai and other Idols in car ad. At 2:14.

Chocolate in vanilla

(AdAge) Russian ad calls Obama the flavor of the week, chocolate in vanilla (the White House). (ht: Ennis)
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S. Millionaire effect being felt in advertising

(Brandfreak) Toss some Emergen-C into a glass of water and what do you get? One thousand milligrams of vitamin C, “naturally energizing" B vitamins, protection in cold and flu season and ... Bollywood dancers!? [via]
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Importance of awards in Advertising

(Vid) Mamimilan Villivankk, of German descent, explains why awards are so important in advertising. And he does so with the help of his many friends.
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(Imageshack) Sears’ fresh translation of the Far East. [via]
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NYC under water

(Neatorama) No, New York is not underwater (yet, anyhow) — that’s a clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai ad agency in India. The bank wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming. [via]
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TV ads boom in India

(WSJ) Colors, a new Hindi channel backed by Viacom, has soared to #2. A ‘Judge Judy’ adaptation stars retired police officer Kiran Bedi. Other U.S. networks are competing for the growing Indian ad pie.
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Indian ingenuity (funny ad)

(Vid) ‘Our washing machine sales are up in India. Find out why.’ (ht: videowallah)
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Malayala Manorama Daily

(Adsoftheworld) Ad campaign for state of Kerala’s largest daily paper — Malayala Manorama .
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