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Anoop, the album

(Anoopdesai) Noop Dogg releasing first track ‘My Name’ off ‘All is Fair’ in March.
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Anoop Desai preparing debut set

(USA Today) Desai says his album will have an “Indian element." “That’s something I’ve been experimenting with a lot in my music — sort of bringing pop, R&B; and Hindi music into one vein." [via]

DeGeneres joining ‘Idol’

(People) Huge Anoop Desai fan Ellen DeGeneres is joining ‘American Idol’ as the judge replacing Paula Abdul. She once got Obama to boogie on her show.

Noop Dogg in San Jose

(Americanidol) ‘Idol’ tour with Anoop Desai hits San Jose tonight, here’s the full schedule.

Props to the specs

(Twitpic Pic) Noop Dogg wearing massive, John Legend-ish glasses on tour.

Brown man in glowing white

(Vid) Anoop Desai sings ‘Always On My Mind’ in Portland on ‘Idol’ tour.

I wear my sunglasses at night

(Vid) Anoop Desai rocked ‘Mad’ by Ne-Yo at the Tacoma Dome yesterday.

Always in my Dome

(Noop Dogg) Noop Dogg begins ‘Idol’ tour with ‘Always On My Mind’ at the Tacoma Dome.

Insider, trading stories

(Vid Audio) Martha Stewart grills Anoop Desai on BBQ sauce for her radio show. ‘How did you get away with writing a thesis on BBQ sauce? Only in the South.’

With Allen, Lambert signed, who’s next?

(EW) After Allen and Lambert’s official record contracts, sign Iraheta and Anoop Desai. He does cool, contemporary arrangements and buttery smooth, highly distinctive studio renditions.

Noop’s 15 minutes more like 20

(Wral Vid) Anoop Desai skipped 2nd grade because he could do his times tables.
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Noop on Larry King

(American Idol Season 8 Top 10 On Larry King Live Part 2 Video Vid) Anoop Desai and other contestants interviewed on Larry King tonight. Transcript: [via]


(Antisocial Ladder) I realize Megan Joy was one of 2 females on ‘Idol’ not married or underage, but girl cannot sing. Aim high, brother Anoop.

Noop Dogg and Kris might cut single

(Accesshollywood Vid) Noop and Kris Allen talked about doing a single, but that might be off since Allen won ‘Idol.’ At -1:00.

The ’70s unbuttoned

(Twitpic Pic) Noop Dogg and friends looking very Bachchan in loud shirts. From Disco Week.
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If you think I’m sexy

(Fbook) Anoop Desai in incredibly cheesy ‘Idol’ performance with Rod Stewart. Very brief solo at 0:40.

Can’t take the know-it-all out of the grad student

(MySpace) Allison Iraheta, TV host talk about being corrected in public by Noop the folklorist. At 0:50.

Noop dish

(Tabloid) Anoop Desai and Tatted-American Megan Joy Corkrey are rumored to be dating.
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Dance party

(Twitpic) Anoop Desai and other Idols rehearse backstage for finale.

Noop and Amos

(Vid) Anoop Desai and Amos Lee sang a Van Morrison cover together at a concert yesterday, ‘Crazy Love.’ Norah Jones has sung with Lee, who’s got 3 albums out on Blue Note.

Noop Dogg tweets

(Twitter) @AnoopDoggDesai is supposedly Anoop Desai’s official Twitter feed.
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Noop gets Sirius

(Vid) Desai on satellite radio: the judges were laughing at his look in his first audition, until he opened his mouth... R&B; needs a lot of in-studio production and doesn’t do well on a show like ‘Idol.’
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Desai on ‘Ellen’

(Vid) Anoop Desai sang ‘Always On My Mind’ on ‘Ellen’ 4/27. At 7:00. And on ‘Regis & Kelly’: [via]

Doin’ him a solid

(Wral Vid) Ridiculously adorable kids wax lyrical over Anoop Desai at Chapel Hill homecoming, where he got a solid gold key to the city. Local news WRAL-Chapel Hill clip.
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Musical grindhouse

(Anoop Desai Best Week Ever Video) Silly, kitschy VH1 clip in which Noop Dogg blames Quentin Tarantino for his bad luck.

Noop Dogg homecoming

(Wral Photos) Anoop Desai, in a pink shirt and pink striped bowtie, gets a key to the city.

All look same II

(Twitter) Kal Penn: ‘Walking down the street, minding my own business, when suddenly: ‘Hey man! I voted for you on American Idol!’
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Noop’s return

(Chapelhill Photos) Anoop Desai’s homecoming in Chapel Hill.
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Cougars for Anoop

(HeraldSun) Around 400 fans showed up to meet Anoop Desai in Chapel Hill. 4 women over 50 called themselves Cougars for Anoop.
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Gettin’ salesy wid it

(Newsday) Anoop Desai ranks 2nd only to Adam Lambert in this season’s ‘Idol’ contestants on an index of how marketable celebs are. Obama’s near the top with Will Smith.

Noop Day? It is

(Newsobserver) UNC and the town of Chapel Hill have declared Monday ‘Anoop Day’ and will give Desai a key to the city.
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‘Borderline racist’

(Jg) Anoop Desai called this piece ‘borderline racist’ in an interview with EW: ‘Mouthful of Chiclets and eyebrows like squirrels sleeping under black wool blankets... Animal-faced... Blagojevich Jr. helmet of hair... Wooly Willy eyebrows.’
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Anoop acknowledges artificial ‘American’

(EW Video) Noop Dogg says ‘Idol’ isn’t really about contemporary R&B;, and those who’ve done it were either gospel-y or didn’t do it on the show. Says he knew the show was messing with him.

The Rodney Dangerfield of ‘Idol’

(EW Video) Anoop Desai got no respect on ‘Idol.’ even though he had remarkable nights. Seacrest even made a Groucho Marx crack about his eyebrows.

Protest beard

(Rickey) Noop Dogg on ‘Today’ show in pre-Idol hair, chinstrap protest beard, still manscaped.
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Noop on ‘Ellen’

(Fbook) Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds go on ‘Ellen’ Monday, Apr. 27.

‘Idol’ isn’t real music

(TWOP) Anoop’s ideal is to do pop R&B; with elegant phrasing and restraint. If we judge on pure vocals he’s one of the best this year. AI viewers don’t care because they want belting divas and 90-second yellers.

Yakety yak, do talk back

(Comcast) I actually told Ryan before the show, ‘Don’t mess around with me tonight.’� I was glad it was relatively quick. If I had a choice, they would mail me the results.

Desai finds his calling

(MSNBC) Poli sci grad Anoop Desai said on Thursday he is dropping out of grad school to pursue a music career.
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Faithless in the Dogg

(TWOP) I doubt someone as high profile as Ne-Yo would stoop to doing anything with Anoop. Maybe Brooks Bros. needs to market the sweater vest to younger males.
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Conspiracy theory

(TWOP) Here’s my conspiracy theory on why Noop got shafted: ‘Idol’ would never let their save be cut the very next week, or the two women go the same week.

The singout

(Fbook) Video of Noop Dogg’s elimination and singout.

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)

(Fbook) Desai in group disco number originally recorded by the Jacksons in ’79. Very Bolly.

‘Dim’ but high-def

(Fbook) High-res version of Anoop singing ‘Dim All the Lights,’ with judges’ comments.

Consistent Desai

(Voice) That sophisticated glide Anoop found? The great synth-ripples underneath? He sings tricky, high-gloss R&B; with style and sincerity, and the judges have no idea what to do with him. He’s the only one to make great music consistently.

We love Noop’s parents

(EW) Even if Mr. Pink gets voted out tonight, there should be a Checking In With the Desais cam on these two winners for the remainder of the season.

The saddest thing

(EW) Anoop’s parents are an Indian version of the Cleavers. I want to hug them... ‘Are you single?’ she asked. ‘Do you want to go out with me?’ Anoop missed the proposition from the hot blonde, which was the saddest thing on the show.
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Stick with downtempo

(Americanidolreportcard) The first 37 secs of Noop Dogg’s ‘Dim All the Lights’ had a reserved, almost haunting quality. But it devolved into cruise ship delivery.

Vesty McScruff

(Twitter) Kris: Way to strum out a disco song about a hooker and make it sound classy. Anoop: Vesty McScruff.
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‘Dim’ lyrics

(Sing365) Desai’s song, ‘Dim All the Lights,’ has a 16-second, sustained glory note. And these lyrics: ‘take me bottom to top... turn my brown body white.’ Eww.

‘Dim All the Lights’

(Twitter) Composer who arranged Desai’s song says he’s singing Donna Summer’s ‘Dim All the Lights’ tonight. The song: [via]

Disco night preview

(Twitter) Anoop in polyester pants, Adam in high heels, should be a good show.

Tar Heels rally for Noop Dogg

(Dailytarheel) UNC is holding a rally to keep Anoop Desai out of the double elim tonight.

Geek relaxation

(USA Today) Anoop Desai de-stresses before singing by working the crossword. [Vote tonight from 9-11pm.]

The Cowellian Raj

(NYT) Simon Cowell hosts 3 different live TV programs a week, crisscrossing the Atlantic, and gets paid at least $36M for being a dick to Anoop Desai.

Style up, Dogg

(TWOP) Anoop dresses like an office worker at a karaoke bar — corporate friendly hair. If you saw him at an open mic you just know he’d sing Billy Joel. Needs some edge in the clothes and ‘do.

‘Love that kid’

(Fbook) Video of Anoop Desai making the major cut for the current ‘Idol’ season. Simon Cowell scowled at Desai even then.

Noop treated like Sanjaya

(TWOP) -Anoop is being treated like he doesn’t belong on the show, they seem angry at him for being there. He’s being treated much like they treated Sanjaya — making him into a joke. -He’s a fabulous vocalist but a preppy college kid.

They’re just not that into Noop

(TWOP) It’s not that America dislikes Anoop, it’s more that while voters were figuring out who they like, Anoop tried to dance.

Aziz is joking

(Twitter) Aziz Ansari: ‘Just made the deal — Kanye, MIA, me, and Anoop Desai are gonna drop an album in July.’

The home team advantage

(Twitter) ‘Just met Anoop Desai’s mom in Office Depot, making scans of autographed head shots.’
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Green Dogg

(Vid) Anoop Desai pitches green energy.
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Au(ral) gold

(Fbook) The periodic table of Anoop Desai.

Muppet threading

(Twitter) ‘I can’t take Anoop Desai seriously when he’s got the equivalent of a Muppet above his eyes.’

Idols at Dodgers game

(Gettyimages) Noop Dogg chats up Dodgers coach at game. He’s the tallest of the ‘Idol’ contestants: [via]

Missed the Clue Train

(Twitter) ‘Is there really someone confusing Kris with Anoop? Here’s a clue: Anoop’s the Middle Eastern one.’
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Cowell not digging the Noop

(Myfoxla) Simon Cowell says he wouldn’t use the judge’s save on Anoop Desai. At 4:06.

Epic defense-of-Anoop thread

(TWOP) You know Anoop? Lets make sure he gets tepid praise for a really fantastic performance. What he is safe? Great, now we can f- with him for one more week. Anoop, the human punching bag.

There’s more of ‘em

(Wral) The Clef Hangers do a TV interview in blazers and scrub bowties. If you ever wondered why Anoop can’t dance...

Anoop on the radio

(USA Today) Mediabase shows only two ‘Idol’ finalists receiving radio airplay — Adam Lambert’s ‘Born to Be Wild,’ and Anoop Desai’s ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You.’

Noop relief

(Photobucket Video) Anoop sent back to the ‘safe’ couch after judges disagreed. Clip of Seacrest messing with him again: [via]

The ’80s never die

(Fbook) Noop almost lost his footing in a group song to ‘Maniac’ from ‘Flashdance.’ The show refuses to do songs from this century, apparently.

Stayin’ alive

(Newsday) Anoop Desai safe. Matt Giraud cut but saved by judges. 2 cut next week, disco week.

Gangsta Noop

(Twitter) ‘Anoop needs to get a little more gangster. Maybe get a teardrop tattoo for each AP class he took in high school.’
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Brown McKnight

(EW) Shouldn’t the judges be backing Noop, who could be a latter day Brian McKnight or Babyface? An unflattering camera angle did not conjure Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in a cloak in the misty woods from ‘Robin Hood.’

Everything I Do (I Do It in HD)

(Fbook) High-res Noopage of song from ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.’ Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio digs.

Kill Quentin

(Photobucket) Quentin Tarantino coaches Noop Dogg.

Noop the croonster

(Wrap) Desai brought me back to my early ’90s high school dances. Anoop, do you have a date for Sadie Hawkins yet?

Noop rocked it

(Idolator) Adams’ Robin Hood song is one of the most annoying pieces of Walgreens Rock I’ve ever heard--it’s schlocky, it’s plodding. But Anoop’s velvety voice shone. Ne-Yo, call him!

Anoop Desai is washed in unicorn tears

(Anoopdog) This is what teen girls get up to when they’re crushing on a desi bwoy. Just... wow.
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Look into my eyes

(Examiner) Desai was technically clean, vocally pure, and heartfelt with the right balance of intensity, dynamics, and mature phrasing. He poured so much into the performance that he was sweating.

Noop Dogg needs a stylist

(Twitter) Don’t EVER tell a guy that they look like Anoop cause they FREAK the f- out and start yelling!
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(Twitter) ‘Wonder what its like going through life named Anoop. HAS to be more exciting than being named Susan.’
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Everything I Noop

(Rickey Video) Theme: cinematic music. Mentor: Quentin Tarantino. Noop Dogg goes cheesy on your @ss with ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You’ by Bryan Adams. Sounds a bit like Journey. Another ballad, no style makeover. Vote: (866) 436-5702.

Valet coolie

(Photobucket) Matt Giraud asks a red-vested Anoop Desai to park his car like a valet. Yet another car ad.

‘Be Without You’

(Vid) Noop Dogg and Clef Hangers sing Mary J. Blige hit.

Noop Dogg haterade

(Journalgazette) Desai has a mouthful of Chiclets, eyebrows like squirrels sleeping under black wool blankets and a Blagojevich hair helmet.
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(Twitter) Terrible week for mid 20’s Indian men on TV this week: Kutner kills himself (House); Anoop in bottom 3 (Idol); Jonathan [Maulik Pancholy] fired by Jack (30 Rock).

Messing with Noop Dogg

(Twitter) ‘Can you and the Idol people make it through one Idol show without torturing Anoop?’
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Michigan State’s revenge

(Twitter) ‘Anoop in the bottom 3 tells me that there must be a lot of Michigan fans out there venting.’
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The big Bollywood tree

(Twitter) ‘Anoop made it through because he looked like he fell out of a big Bollywood tree... love that guy!’
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Noop Dogg ready if voted off

(EW) During a break on the ‘Idol’ results show, Anoop was walking around the perimeter and mouthing something unintelligible. ‘These are the only two guys who ever vocalized in this time’ (practicing their farewell songs).

Amusing tweet

(Twitter Along the lines of an earlier comment:) ‘FOX should stop ganging up on the Indians. Anoop barely made it on American Idol. As if killing Kumar on House wasn’t good enough.’

White guilt

(Twitter) ‘Why does seeing Anoop in the bottom two make me want to buy Slumdog Millionaire on DVD. Me and my stinkin’ white guilt...’

Desai’s 9 lives

(Newsday) Anoop Desai survives again, bottom 2. Scott MacIntyre gets cut.

‘Idol’ recap

(Fbook) High-def version of Noop Dogg singing ‘True Colors.’

Noop the Everyman

(Visaliatimesdelta) Anoop looks like a calculus tutor but sings like he’s Luther Vandross’ kid brother. He gives hope to every accountant who dreams of dunking on Shaq.
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(Fbook Video) Noop Dogg gets brief solo at 1:25 in group lip-sync to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’

Good morning, Idols

(Fbook Video) Another car ad with Noop Dogg and the Idols.

One stereotype at a time

(Twitter) Tweet: ‘Watching Slum Dog Millionaire for the 2nd time & all I can think of is Anoop Dog (American Idol).’ And, ‘Your eyebrows and your days are numbered’: [via]

She’s like a bird

(EW) Megan Joy flapped her wings, cawed and implored Anoop Desai and Allison Iraheta, ‘Don’t forget to caw!,’ after Seacrest sent them back to the Plush Couches of Safety. Anoop poked fun at Kris’s side-mouth singing.

‘Caught Up’ studio version

(Vid) Noop Dogg singing Usher’s ‘Caught Up’ in the studio, and it rocks.

Desai survives again on ‘Idol’

(Buddytv) Anoop Desai safe, Megan Joy goes home.

Ebony and ivory

(Vid) Someone’s remixed the Miracles’ version of ‘Ooh Baby Baby’ with Anoop Desai’s. Smooth.

Noop dogged

(Fbook Video) Desai singing ‘Caught Up,’ popped collar, shoulder chain. Eyes casting daggers at judges’ comments.

A bit late to begin snarling

(Newsday) Anoop’s gotta stop picking songs with that snarling thing. It’s just not believable in him; he has no edge, he’s a smart, nice guy. So do the ballads and showcase the vocals.

‘Straining to prove he was a star’

(Orlandosentinel) First up was Anoop Desai, singing Usher and straining to prove he was a star. His singing was fine, but his stage presence was awkward and amateurish. ‘A complete, utter mess,’� Simon Cowell ruled. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good, either.

‘Caught Up’

(Rickey) Listen to Noop Dogg singing the Usher hit.

Anoop Desai goes lame

(Newsday) Anoop Desai sings Usher, bringing back the snarling attitude to ‘Caught Up.’ It’s a train wreck, like a little kid dressing up and throwing poses in front of a mirror. Judges called it ‘wannabe.’ The original: [via]

‘Noop before puberty

(Anoopdog) Li’l Anoop Desai on local TV show before his voice cracked.
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‘Baby’ in the studio

(Imeem) Desai sings ‘Ooh Baby Baby,’ the studio version. Smooth oldie, a little boring.

‘Idol’ drowning in x-promo

(Americanidol) ‘Idol’ marketing juggernaut continues with Anoop Desai and other contestants cutting this auto ad. Rumor: next week is Apple promo, iTunes top 100.

Sing another day

(Rickey) Anoop Desai not punted from ‘Idol,’ survives to sing another day. Michael Sarver gets served.

Smokey and the Miracles

(Vid) Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perform ‘Ooo Baby Baby’ live, the song Noop Dogg covered tonight.

‘Ooo Baby Baby’

(Rickey) Desai sang ‘Oo Baby Baby’ on Motown week tonight.

Anoop on TV before ‘Idol’

(Wral) Anoop Desai used to play Raj on a local TV show focused on a group of students maintaining the school’s Web site. It tackled serious issues such as race and death.

Desai’s lineage

(USA Today) Desai’s parents both working in NC’s Research Triangle. His mother (S. African desi) is a biochemist; his father does software. Desai graduated last year in political sci and American studies and studies folklore.

Why Letterman got hitched

(News10) Top 10 reasons Letterman got married: Was hoping Anoop ‘Dogg’ Desai would sing On The Wings Of Love during the ceremony.

Anoop Motown preview

(Herald Dispatch) Anoop Desai: ‘Let’s Get It On’: by Marvin Gaye If there’s anyone that can pull this one off and make the audience love it, it’s Anoop. Simon would say it’s ‘self-indulgent rubbish,’ but who cares? [He’s on Idol tomorrow.]

Kurta’d Dogg

(Fbook Photo) Anoop Desai in a kurta at a wedding.
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Noop Dogg in Motown

(Truveo Video) Anoop Desai grins in Detroit. Poor kid’s life is turning into the Truman Show.

A spasm of promotion

(Vid) This is a post about a video about a making-of about a commercial about an auto. Anoop Desai and other Idols in car ad. At 2:14.

Impersonating an adorkable

(Fbook) Someone is pretending to be Anoop Desai on Facebook, started and account, is chatting with girls and asking them to expose themselves on webcams. [Kiss me, I’m Gujju?]
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‘Panty dropper’ Desai

(TWOP) My god, but that boy Anoop has a great recording voice. My baby sister’s e-mail: ‘Holy hell but is that song a Panty Dropper or what?’ Studio recording: [via]

Noop in HD

(Fbook) High-quality vid of Noop Dogg’s ‘Always on My Mind.’ Chills.

‘Idol’ chatter

(Azcentral) Anoop’s “Beat It" was like Webster doing a gangsta rap medley. Gokey’s ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’: it concerns me that in a moment of vehicular crisis, a driver might remove his hands. The lord steers those who steer themselves.

Idols in Motown

(Detnews) Anoop Desai dressed the part, wearing a black Motown hooded sweatshirt. Scott MacIntyre, who is vision-impaired, carried a walking cane with him and was helped up the walkway to the building by an assistant.

Noop Dogg cheered in Motor City

(Freep) Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud got most of a Detroit crowd’s love as they visited the Motown Museum.

A fall for Grace

(BaltSun) As expected, Anoop Desai made the top 10 and will go on tour with the rest. Alexis Grace was cut [not Michael Sarver?]

Ethnocentric vs. autistic

(Noop Dogg) A 7-yr-old adopted desi kid with severe autism seems to identify with Noop Dogg.
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Clef Hangers: ‘Gold Digger’

(Vid) A bespectacled Anoop Desai covers Kanye’s ‘Gold Digger.’

‘She Has No Time’

(Vid) The UNC Clef Hangers with Anoop Desai as soloist won a collegiate a cappella award with this performance of Keane’s ‘She Has No Time.’

Desai’s S. African connection

(Wiki) Anoop Desai’s mother is a biochemist; his father designs software. Desai’s father was born in India, and his mother, also of Indian descent, was born in South Africa.

Darling, you’ve got to let me know

(Vid) Anoop Desai stays, Jorge Nunez dismissed. Desai’s parents look relieved. Both dismissed singers tonight are non-white.

Safe Dogg

(Newsday) Anoop Desai survived the cut to sing again despite his square take on ‘Beat It.’

Desai attemps Michael Jackson

(Vid) Anoop Desai tries on the ‘Beat It’ sneer, fails. Voice is ok though.


(Dialidol) Software which measures ‘Idol’ busy signals predicts Desai’s safe.

Blue Dogg

(Examiner) The 800 number for would-be Anoop Desai voters on ‘American Idol’ is actually a phone sex line.

Carson murder suspect linked to Mahato killing

(Wiki) A 17-yr-old murder suspect in the killing of 22-yr-old UNC student body president Eve Carson is suspected of murdering Duke grad student Abhijit Mahato 2 months earlier. ‘Idol’ contestant Anoop Desai noted Carson’s death anniversary on air last week.


(Anoopdog) Bootleg apartment recording of Anoop Desai and friends singing Aerosmith’s ‘Angel.’
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Strait-laced Desai

(Eonline) There will be two ‘Idol’ makeovers tonight, Anoop Desai and Michael Sarver. ‘You should’ve seen how long it took us to persuade Anoop to wear that Polo shirt last Thursday. It was very adventurous for him.’

Desai rockin’ iTunes

(Itunes Ranking For The Wildcard Show Oops Matt Giraud And Anoop Desai Lead The Pack) Top 3 current ‘Idol’ contestants by iTunes sales, in order: Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai, Megan Corkrey.
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Anoop in specs

(Vid) Noop Dogg in ’04, geeked out in glasses, singing non-R&B; (Maroon 5’s ‘You Will Be Loved’).
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‘Noop sexes it up

(Vid) Anoop’s repeat of ‘My Prerogative.’ Sexes up the moves, actual singing is kinda weak this time. Judges pick him as 13th finalist on antics and crowd appeal, much like Sanjaya: [via]

Desai rounds out baker’s dozen

(Zap2it) Finally we are down to Anoop and Matt Giraud. Simon tells Matt that he is through and Simon tells Anoop that they decided recently to make this a Top 13 and put him through.

Desai in a polo

(Newsday) Anoop Desai is really sexing this up. Best audience reaction of the night, they shriek on and on; his poor parents are just sitting there smiling. Simon: You’re like an enthusiastic dog, not the best singer but people like you.

‘Noop Shock

(Vid) Anoop Desai takes a wildcard slot, looking shocked. At 7:48.

Anoop? Dey he is!

(Newsday) Simon Cowell bats cleanup, and Anoop Desai is the last one in; calls him original, talented, one of the easiest wildcard picks. Jorge sings us out, Anoop looks a bit overwhelmed.

Anoop’s back, maybe

(Votefortheworst) Anoop Desai spotted coming out of ‘Idol’ taping for wildcard round.

Anoopdog Millionaire, the mashup

(Vid) The inevitable Anoop Desai — ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ mashup, because America can handle only one stereotype at a time :) It’s cute, actually.

Anoopdog Millionaire

(Fbook Parody) What does it take to get into the top 12 on ‘American Idol’?

DeGeneres for Desai

(Vid) Ellen DeGeneres was mad that Anoop Desai didn’t make the cut on ‘Idol.’

Puzzled over Anoop

(Fbook) On her TV show, Ellen DeGeneres said she couldn’t understand why Anoop Desai was eliminated from ‘Idol’ and played a clip of him singing. ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser also praised him.

Dead reckoning

(Americanidol) Clip of Anoop Desai being eliminated from ‘Idol,’ at 1:40.

Anoop the wildcard

(MSNBC) Anoop Desai fell 20K votes short of Sarver, which with 24M ballots is like losing by hanging chads. He gets another chance in the wildcard round in 3 weeks. [Sanjaya got through — what a crock.]

‘Ordinary World’

(Vid) Desai and the Clef Hangers sing Duran Duran’s hit ‘Ordinary World.’
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‘Noop Dogg on Facebook

(Fbook) The Anoop Desai Facebook group follows him obsessively on ‘Idol’ with high-res video clips.
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Noop Dogg picks quieter song

(MSNBC) Anoop Desai’s big asset is his likability, but he sang ‘Angel of Mine’ by Monica, and it wasn’t as memorable as when he did ‘My Prerogative’ during auditions. The song: [via]

The questionable haircut

(EW) It was nice to see Desai get a little funky, and do it with pitch perfection. Now let’s just hope the dude with the questionable haircut keeps trending toward New Edition and away from Boys II Men.

Noop dey it is

(Wral) There is even talk of ‘Anoopdog Millionaire’� merchandise for the 22-yr-old Desai. His mom Nalini said she has always watched the show but never phoned in to vote.

Droppin’ some Desai

(Fbook) Anoop Desai on ‘Idol’ singing ‘If It’s Magic.’ Alternate link: [via]

It’s his prerogative

(Fbook) Anoop Desai made it through to the top 36 on ‘American Idol’ with Bobby Brown’s ‘It’s My Prerogative.’ Alternate audio clip: [via]

‘Noop You a Drank

(Vid) Anoop Desai and the Clef Hangers sing T-Pain’s hit ‘Buy You a Drank.’ (ht: AV)
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Anoop there he is

(Gearlive) Anoop Desai, who tried out in Kansas City, followed. He sang with a ton of heart. Cowell: ‘all, unfortunately, are in the same boat.’ The entire group made it into Round 2.