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Padma parody

(Hulu Vid) Padma Lakshmi pokes fun at herself on ’30 Rock,’ as a lazy, petty-thieving vamp who thinks she’s invented the Ziploc bag. At 17:50.
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Tina Fey has a new impression

(Twitter) ‘30 Rock’ ep with Padma Lakshmi runs tonight.
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Silent but engineer-y

(Hulu Vid) Aalok Mehta (‘American Chai’) as a mute GE engineer in ’30 Rock.’ Poor dude gets no lines until second scene. Around 12:00. [via]
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A very fey Norah

(Vid) Norah Jones, Adam Levine, Elvis Costello et al in ’30 Rock’ spoof song. Norah at 0:35 and 1:30. (ht: brimful)
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(Twitter) Terrible week for mid 20’s Indian men on TV this week: Kutner kills himself (House); Anoop in bottom 3 (Idol); Jonathan [Maulik Pancholy] fired by Jack (30 Rock).

Jindal should go on ’30 Rock’

(TPM·L) Jindal should do a guest spot on 30 Rock, imitating the Kenneth character he was channeling.
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