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Fair, balanced, AND lovely!

(Americacom) Light skinned, and no Kenneth the Page dialect unless he wants to have one.
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Standard tux

(Gettyimages Pic) Bobby and Supriya Jindal arrive at state dinner.

Jindal critics allege targeted firing

(2theadvocate) Jindal fires state worker one day after she criticized his plan to privatize state services.

Jindal inadvertently backs Dem plan

(WaPo) Wonk Bobby Jindal’s health care op/ed actually backed most of what’s in the Dem reform bill.
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Jindal’s reverse Midas touch

(Ind) Gov. Bobby Jindal put his name on the line again for a Republican candidate and, just like previous endorsements, it didn’t work.
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The Holy Helicopter

(2theadvocate) Louisiana has spent $45K for Jindal to go to churches in helicopters and reassure voters a brown man shares their Christian values.
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SF mag big-ups immigrant techies

(Sanfranmag) Holi at Stanford: The last time I saw people rocking out in the afternoon, Russians were ripping on E at a St. Petersburg rave... ‘What do you think of Jindal?’ ‘Weirdo.’

Darling, you’ve got to let me know

(Picayune) Stimulus grandstander Bobby Jindal applied for federal $ for high-speed rail, but changed his mind after Olbermann skewered him.
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Jindal in Delhi

(Newsstar) Bobby Jindal inaugurates sweet potato processing plant in Delhi, Louisiana [pretending he’s never heard the word Delhi before ;)]
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Jindal ok with base

(Sullivan·C) Jindal is fine with base because partisanship trumps racism. Witness Ahnold or Palin’s secessionist, part-Inuit husband. [Or Nikki Haley.]
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Jindal’s ok with the base

(Amconmag) Jindal’s fine: evangelical nationalism immunize him against birther-style attacks, and he lets Republicans show they’re not racist. The party that ranted over Sotomayor’s ‘racism’ are not going to oppose Jindal because he is Indian-American.

Jindal after birthers

(TNR·L ‘08) McCain stoked white, working class fear of the dark-skinned man with the foreign name. Jindal’s chance of being the nominee in ’12 is close to nil. [Revisiting after birther nontroversy.]

Jindal blogging lawsuit

(2theadvocate) A state legislator is complaining that Bobby Jindal is using taxpayer money to pay for a (rather dry) political blog.
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Jindal’s stimulus hypocrisy

(Daily Show) Jindal was so disgusted by Obama’s stimulus, he handed it out as a giant novelty check and put his own name on it.
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Jindal having it both ways?

(ThinkProgress·L) Liberal blog: Jindal allegedly giving out stimulus money with his own name printed on oversize checks, then dissing stimulus.

Stay in LA, Jindal

(Picayune) Poll: Louisiana voters don’t want Jindal to run for prez, but they’d vote for him or Palin over Obama.

Whither Jindal?

(Gallup) After his Kenneth the Page speech, Bobby Jindal’s fallen off the early GOP presidential contenders list. At the top? Sarah Palin. Mavericky.

Rich dismissive of Jindal

(NYT) Frank Rich: Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty — really? Romney is the kind of card-carrying Ivy League elitist Palinists loathe. Palin could well be the GOP’s last presidential candidate standing.

Jindal the non-quitter

(LJ) Unlike Palin, Jindal doesn’t use his kids as props or brandish Jesus at every legislative meeting. He’s quietly doing his job.

Jindal lets pharmacists refuse day after pill

(Shreveport) Polishing his conservative bona fides, Jindal signed a bill to shield medical personnel who refuse to provide abortion, contraception or euthanasia.
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Kenneth the underachiever

(2theadvocate) Bobby Jindal approved a bill creating a vocational school track with lower high school graduation standards. (ht: Pooja)
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Jindal not the One

(NYT) Bobby Jindal was supposed to be the next G.O.P. hope until he made that one big speech on TV and turned into the new Fred Thompson (He’s the One! ... That’s it?)

Jindal slaps down the uncles

(WashTimes·C) Jindal asked his unofficial presidential committee to stop [because it’s too early]. Ram Bhatia, uncle of Jindal’s wife, agreed to step down.
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Jindal’s presidential PAC launched

(Picayune) Jindal backers, including his wife’s uncle, have formed a PAC for his presidential run in ’12.

Jindal’s conflicts of interest

(2theadvocate) Gov. Jindal demanded to be exempted from revealing his appointees who gave $ to his campaign.
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Jindal backs novel CO2 pipeline

(HoustonChron) Jindal backs a Louisiana-to-Texas pipeline to use industrial carbon dioxide to extract hard-to-reach petroleum.

Offices for saints

(Ksla) Under Jindal’s deal, Louisiana will rent office space from the Saints to give them $ without direct cash subsidies.
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Jindal against transparency

(Newsstar) Bobby Jindal is backing a bill to keep certain governor’s office records off the public books forever.
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Jindal wins ’13 Super Bowl

(AP) New Orleans will host the ’13 Super Bowl. This is the backstory about Jindal’s lobbying to keep the Saints in the Superdome and host the Bowl.

Jindal not high roller

(Newsstar) Jindal financial disclosure under law he pushed: $120K salary, little else.
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House unknowingly votes to override Jindal

(Shreveport) Louisiana’s house of reps voted to override Bobby Jindal’s rejection of 5% of federal stimulus after a state legislator quietly inserted the override.
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Jindal to sign concealed carry in college

(Picayune) Jindal said he would sign a bill to allow concealed gun carry on college campuses.
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Jindal keeps 95% of the stimulus

(Picayune) A veto override on Jindal’s rejection of 5% of Louisiana’s stimulus funds failed, keeping alive his presidential talking point.
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Aziz is joking II

(Twitter) Ansari: NBC has also passed on my made for TV Bobby Jindal biopic. Apparently, I ‘don’t look like Bobby Jindal and no one cares about him.’

Jindal rebukes Cheney on Obama

(HuffPo·L) Jindal: ‘We should give the new administration a chance... I don’t think we should question Obama’s patriotism.’

Bobby Jindal gets book deal

(Picayune) ‘I just want to offer my ideas and my experiences to the conversation,’ Jindal told the paper...’One of the reasons I’m doing this with a co-author is to make sure there’s somebody else doing a lot of the heavy lifting.’�
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Conservative lauds Zakaria, Jindal

(Economist) Frum: Zakaria and others have shifted left, so much GOP rhetoric is for local consumption only, like Argentine TV sets that could exist only behind tariff walls... Jindal’s setting a good example... Obama’s foreign policy tone is a great service.

Alaska senator raps Jindal speech

(McClatchy) Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska: ‘There were some comments made [by Jindal] about volcano monitoring being wasteful. I can assure you that monitoring volcanoes is critically important.’

Overriding Bobby

(Lsureveille) Louisiana legislature wants to override Jindal’s campaign grandstanding rejection of federal stimulus. Alaska also threatens to override Palin [and Nevada its own gov]: [via]

Bobby quits on GOP. Not!

(HuffPo·L) Carlos Watson is hopeful that Bobby will take the high road after Steele-Limbaugh circus. Video of Steele explaining strategy: [via]
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Brown-on-brown violence

(TPM·L) DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan: -Gov. Jindal has had some problems with public speaking lately, but turning to Rush Limbaugh to be your speechwriter doesn’t help. Rather than rooting for failure, be constructive.

Jindal tosses conservatives red meat

(CNN) Bobby Jindal defended Rush Limbaugh’s call for Obama to fail and compared listening to his own earlier speech to torture at Guantanamo Bay.

Climbing Mt. Improbable Eruption

(LAT) Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt volcano erupted several times in the last day. Funding for monitoring this volcano is one of the things Bobby Jindal mocked as pork in the GOP response to Obama’s last big speech.
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Grandstanding, from Jindal to Palin

(WashM·L) Alaska is a large recipient of federal dollars, and Palin has never seen federal $ she didn’t want. But now that Jindal turned down some federal aid, and he’s a GOP presidential challenger, she suddenly sees the benefit.

Jindal the snark magnet

(NYT) Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh — the axis of drivel. After his speech, Jindal scurried off to Disney World to lick his wounds in a place where they appreciate a fairy tale.

Jindal the newbie

(NYT) The GOP was so desperate for a youth patina that it shoved newbie Bobby Jindal into the spotlight, like a tiny bud on national TV where the whole nation can watch it shrivel.

Being Bobby in an age of Barack

(Dailybeast) We are uneasy with Bobby Jindal because he seems to be uneasy with his own race. Obama’s detailed excavation of his background is, in fact, what made him seem less exotic. Today, transparency is touted as a virtue. [UB quoted.]

Jindal admits to being geek

(AP) ‘Look, I get that people thought I could have spoken better. What’s important to me is the content. I’ve always been a policy guy. The substance is important.’ And he will not get a speechwriter.
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Jindal’s Palinesque wisecrack

(New Yorker) Bobby Jindal is reputed to possess a command of policy detail rivalling Bill Clinton’s. But for him to criticize natural disaster prediction is stupefying. It recalled Sarah Palin’s ridicule of fruit-fly research, key to genetics.

Jindal places 2nd at CPAC poll

(NYT) At wingnut CPAC convention, Romney won 30% of presidential straw poll, Jindal 14%, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin 13%.

Jindal as Mr. Burns (not Apu)

(ToL) Americans saw Jindal idling creepily up to the camera, giving an excruciating grin, looking, as one blogger had it, like Mr Burns getting an ointment. Then there was that condescending tone, the way people who are not cool try to seem cool.

Rich tears into Jindal

(NYT) Frank Rich: Listening to Jindal about his father’s inability to pay for an obstetrician, you’d never guess his parents were well-educated. The GOP thinks his adenoidal delivery did him in, and media coaching can save him. But form follows content.

Esquire wants to know if Jindal is fair and lovely

(Esquire) To use the argot of the Old South, Jindal’s complexion is darker than a brown paper bag. He seemed to use cover-up or cosmetic for TV to soften his razor shadow, which is very dark, as if an artist had rendered his stubble in charcoal. [WTF?]

Gone in 60 minutes

(Yahoo) Bobby Jindal’s profiled in ’60 Minutes’ tonight. [via]

GOPdentity politics

(NYT) With Jindal, ‘conservatives are pleased to find an ethnic group [desis] that is politically correct behind which they can gather’... Jay Goyal was elected to the OH legislature at 26. [MD leader is Kumar Barve, not ‘Kumbar.’] (ht: Dad)

Jindal embellished story

(Picayune) Bobby Jindal embellished the boat story in his speech, and the liberal blogosphere is atwitter as if no politician had ever embroidered a story before.
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Jindal’s state not on message

(Picayune) Louisiana will request federal $ for high-speed rail, the same part of the stimulus package Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized as pork.
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Jindal must dump Limbaugh

(Dailybeast) One sure sign Jindal is hungry for higher office is his willingness to sup at the table of the kook right. Rush is in love. Watch out, Bobby... His Obama response was like an over-eager child trying to box Muhammad Ali.

GOP chair sends Jindal ‘slum love’

(Politico) Sliwa: ‘They say, oh, that’s the slumdog millionaire, governor. So, give me some slum love.’ GOP chair Steele: ‘... some slum love out to my buddy.’ [Not to be confused with slum lovin’.]

Jindal versus the volcano

(NYT) Krugman: Natural disaster monitoring is a classic public good. So what did Bobby Jindal choose to ridicule? Volcano monitoring. Basically, the political philosophy of the GOP is snickering at stuff that they think sounds funny.

Jindal should go on ’30 Rock’

(TPM·L) Jindal should do a guest spot on 30 Rock, imitating the Kenneth character he was channeling.
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He thought he was getting beads

(Vid) Stephen Colbert hears Jindal say happy Mardi Gras and shows us his tits. The first 3:40.

30 Mock

(Politico) Kenneth the Page from ’30 Rock’ responds to Bobby Jindal’s impersonation by impersonating Jindal back.
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The Daily Jindal Show

(Daily Show) The first half of the show is about Jindal’s speech, but it’s meh.

Piyush Potter and the Chamber of Commerce

(NYT) Jindal sounded like a junior high schooler at a Chamber of Commerce ‘I Speak for Fiscal Restraint’ contest. Louisiana has gotten $130B in Katrina aid. How is it that the stars of GOP austerity come from the states that hoover up the most U.S. $?

Limbaugh still got mad love for Jindal

(Politico) Limbaugh: ‘I love Bobby Jindal, and that did not change after last night... Everybody trashed Bobby Jindal. I never heard the media, both sides, conservative and liberal, dump on a response like they did last night.’

Jindal breaks conservative’s heart

(TownHall·C) I’m pretty sure he’s going to be SNL’s next target. His speech tempo was just so weird. He didn’t pass the primetime test and it makes me sad.
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Even LGF disliked Jindal’s speech

(Littlegreenfootballs) Frothing right-wingnut site: The most specific point in Jindal’s speech was the slam against volcano monitoring. But that could save lives. It came across as ignorant and pandering.
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Avoiding SNL’s potshots

(MoJo·L) Bobby Jindal should poke fun at himself on Jay Leno before Saturday Night Live takes its shot. Bill Clinton once did the same after a boring keynote — he went on Carson, Leno’s predecessor.

A thin brown veneer

(Politico) After Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele and Sarah Palin, the rest of the GOP’s ranks are overwhelmingly white and male.

Jindal didn’t sell out (entirely)

(WaPo) Jindal has tended to join small, beleaguered minorities — such as the College Republicans at Brown University. He converted to a traditionalist Catholicism, in a nation where anti-Catholicism has been called ‘the last acceptable prejudice.’
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Jindal the whitest man alive

(TPM·L) The immediate outpouring of commentary was to compare Jindal to the whitest character in America (Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock). The country is clearly seeing past skin color. [Just glad it wasn’t Apu.]
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Woody Jindal

(NatRev·C) Jindal came across as the guy you’d want to have your daughter bring home, but not the guy you’d want leading your company during tough times.
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Ponnuru pans Jindal speech

(NatRev·C) I thought his delivery was weak. The content will play well with the party base but seems unlikely to expand it. It’s hard for anybody to come out well from responding to a presidential speech to a joint session of Congress.

Fact-checking Jindal’s spech

(MoJo·L) Volcano monitoring is a classic gov’t disaster management function. High speed rail $ is not allocated yet. There’s no stim $ for marsh mice.
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America votes Jindal off

(Politico) ‘Someday, when scholars are trying to fingerpoint the nadir of the post-Bush Republican Party, they may arrive at Jindal’s speech. His speech came across as unserious in content and condescending in its tone.’ GOP blogs panned it too.
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Maddow on Jindal’s speech

(Vid) Liberal TV host Rachel Maddow is contemptuous of Jindal’s point that the gov’t failures after Hurricane Katrina means you should not trust the gov’t on stimulus. It does seem to imply he wants to abolish federal disaster relief.

Sullivan on Jindalbuttal

(Sullivan·C) There was a patronizing feel to Jindal’s rebuttal, as if he were talking to kindergartners. He did in the end concede that the GOP has a credibility problem on fiscal issues.

‘Oh God’

(RCP·C) Chris Matthews of MSNBC muttered ‘Oh God’ upon hearing Jindal’s rebuttal title, ‘America Can Do Anything.’ (ht: Pooja)

NYT slams Jindal’s stim arguments

(NYT op/ed) Jindal should be worrying about how to end this recession while helping constituents feed and house their families — not about finding ways to revive tired election-year arguments.
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Jindal’s choice

(Atlantic) Tonight, Jindal could thank Obama, and then put on his Louisiana ambassador hat, Or he could lapse into partisan hackery... As a formal speaker, he is not particularly charismatic. He’s not going to scintillate.
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Jindal’s speech targets younger voters

(CNN) Being tapped for this prime-time speech, a job normally for congressional leaders, has helped to elevate Jindal’s standing in the party. [OTOH, Barry reverted to Barack while Piyush still calls himself Bobby.]

Obama smacks Jindal

(Latimeslatimes) Obama implicitly slams Jindal’s grandstanding on stimulus: ‘There’s going to be ample time for campaigns down the road.’ Should make today’s Obama speech + Jindal’s response veddy intalesting.

Stim silliness

(Daily Show) Jon Stewart clowns Bobby Jindal for taking $3.7B of the $3.8B stimulus payments he claims to oppose.

Jindal goes the way of McCain

(Time) Jindal was always relentlessly conservative, but sometimes quite creative and always intellectually honest. But at yesterday’s Meet the Press, he seemed to be running for president [distorted facts and was generally a hack].
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GOP engaging in identity politics it claims to reject

(Picayune) Hurricane Gustav denied Gov. Bobby Jindal his nat’l TV debut at the RNC. But in next week’s Obama speech response, he’ll be billed as the Republican answer to the young, Ivy League-educated president with minority and immigrant roots.
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Jindal’s explanation doesn’t wash

(Picayune) Jindal’s claim why he’s rejecting some federal stimulus for Louisiana doesn’t hold up, [Presidential campaign grandstanding.]
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Jindal questionnaire

(Davidgregorytv) David Gregory, host of ‘Meet the Press,’ wants to know what questions to ask when he grills Bobby Jindal. Post ‘em in his (legit-not-PR-looking) blog.

Ride on, Brown Reagan

(Politico) Bobby Jindal will decline stimulus money for expanding state unemployment insurance coverage.
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Falling oil prices crimp oil state govs

(AP) Sarah Palin [and Bobby Jindal] are not able to campaign nationally as much because their states are suffering under low oil prices.

Beggars being choosers

(CBS) Bobby Jindal is burnishing conservacred by pretending he’ll think twice before taking federal stimulus money for Louisiana.
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Science boycotts Louisiana

(Pharyngula) A scientific society is boycotting Louisiana for its conventions after Gov. Jindal signed a creationist science education bill into law last year. More: [via]

The Jindal fan club

(Newstatesman Jan.) -Anybody who knows Bobby Jindal knows he desperately wants to be president. Nobody goes to Iowa in November just for pleasure. -His technocratic edge makes him palatable to independents. -This state is in love with him.
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Where’s Jindal?

(Picayune) Gov. Jindal can explain his crowded travel itinerary however he wants. But make no mistake. The product he’s selling out there on the road isn’t the state. It’s himself.
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GOP goes with the black guy

(NYT) Michael Steele, the former lt gov of MD, was elected chairman of the RNC as the party chose its first African-American leader. [Bodes well for Jindal?]

Jindal to headline NRCC fundraiser

(Politico) Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will headline the National Republican Congressional Committee’s March fundraising dinner — a move sure to build speculation that Jindal is trying to raise his national profile.

Close enough for jazz

(Colbertnation) Colbert: Jazz was invented by African-Americans like Bobby Jindal, who will battle Romney for the nomination.

Jindal in ’16

(Politico) Jindal ‘doesn’t want to run against Obama unless Obama is an unmitigated disaster. In 2016, it will be an open seat with no vice president running’... Jindal would travel all over the country to convince people he’s not running for president :)
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Les bon temps are gone

(NYT) When oil prices were high, Gov. Bobby Jindal cut $360M in income taxes. Now Louisiana is $341M in the hole for this year, $2B next year.
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Jindal the starter macaca

(Daily Show) Larry Wilmore says black Americans eased whites into getting comfortable with ‘starter Negroes’ like Poitier, Cosby, Oprah and Urkel.

Jindal is too like Obama

(Atlantic) Skinny, big-eared Jindal looks like the president of a High School Chess Club and talks like a good ol’ boy with a plantation. Being in a room with major politicians is like being next to the sun; Jindal too is very charismatic.

Jindal is not Obama

(Atlantic) Bobby Jindal isn’t Barack Obama, who reinvented campaign fundraising, just because he’s swarthy. He’s a hard-right social conservative, a more competent Dubya.

Jindal could bring in Catholics

(Atlantic) It will be easier for a conservative Catholic nominee, like, say, Bobby Jindal, to expand the GOP coalition rather than an evangelical like Mike Huckabee, because the party can afford to take the evangelical vote for granted.

Gingrich talks up Jindal

(Hill) Not that I trust Gingirch, but: ‘If you want to understand healthcare... bring in Bobby Jindal who may well know more about health policy than any other elected official...’

Jindal is window dressing on GOP Southern strategy

(NYT) Rich: The GOP promotes Palin and Bobby Jindal because they’re the only prominent Republican officeholders under 50 who are not white men. Jindal still has no credible plan how to close his $1B budget deficit.

Jindal campaigning for ’12

(ToL) The race to succeed Mr McCain has already moved to Iowa. Bobby Jindal heads to the state this month to speak to Christian conservatives.
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Jindal ’16 could be unlikely

(ThinkProgress·L) Jindal is unlikely to be the ’16 GOP presidential nominee because he’s not white, and because Louisiana is cutting its budget, so he’s unlikely to have a record of prosperity to run on.
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Never been vetted

(WaPo) There was trepidation within Bobby Jindal’s political inner circle that he might wind up as McCain’s VP pick and be caught up in a weak campaign that could pin a loss on him. (ht: brown_dbd)
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Jindal declined VP offer

(Picayune) Bobby Jindal said he ‘politely declined’ an opportunity to be on McCain’s shortlist for VP. Jindal said he was asked whether he would allow himself to be vetted.
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Jindal the brown knight

(CBS) Brooks: Today the Republican Party is ‘a circular firing squad with no coherent belief system. Half the party is waiting for Sarah Palin to rescue them and the other half is waiting for Bobby Jindal.’

GOP moose enthralled by Palin

(Rasmussenreports) 64% of Republicans polled want Sarah Palin as their presidential nominee in ’12. Bobby Jindal, Charlie Crist and Tim Pawlenty pull low single-digit support.

The postracial society

(WaPo) The gov of Louisiana is Indian American, the MN Senate contest is between 2 Jews [and NH between 2 Arab surnames], the gov of CA cannot pronounce it. But ‘The Great Debaters’ did poorly, because it had a mostly black cast and no car chases.

Recessions extinguish culture wars

(WaPo) The GOP will likely choose Romney or Jindal to lead it back from the wilderness, someone strong on econ. Palin represents the end of an era, the last culture warrior on a national ticket for a very long time.

Katrina still reverberates in Louisiana

(Wwltv) The same dissatisfaction with Dubya’s Katrina response that boosted Bobby Jindal has pushed Obama into a tie with McCain in a new poll in this red state.

Jindal a “Good [Ol’] Boy"

(TownHall·C) Medved praises Jindal for rejecting multiculturalism and embracing American traditions (citing his name, faith) and pans the idea that the LA governor rejects his parents religion and name in conflict with the GOP’s family values platform. [via]

GOP has minorities too

(Vid Jun) Conservative talking head Glenn Beck said Bobby Jindal’s VP prospects were just as important as Obama’s nomination.

Jindal shows up Palin’s parochialism

(TNR·L) Palin’s divvying up oil lucre is better prep for Saudi Arabia. She has no record of thinking about policy. Bobby Jindal has barely more experience but is a respected policy intellectual.

Jindal complains Dubya favors Texas

(Picayune) Gov. Bobby Jindal complained Dubya is favoring Texas over Louisiana in making more generous relief payments after hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

Jindal makes hay while sun don’t shine

(AP) Jindal is credited with a solid response to Hurricane Gustav, overseeing an exodus of 2M, speeding decisions and having a firm grasp of emergency response logistics.

Jindal: more exec experience than Palin

(Asianweek) This week’s hurricane performance imbued Jindal with actual commander-in-chief qualities (like mobilizing 50,000 troops) and a natural disaster portfolio far exceeding Palin’s.

Jindal in Gustav spotlight

(Bloomberg) Bobby Jindal ventured into gale-force winds to visit 300 patients at a makeshift hospital. He spewed facts and figures, talking ‘so fast that I feel sorry for the sign language guy.’

Jindal was on McCain shortlist

(WaPo) The final 6 on McCain’s VP shortlist were Palin, Bobby Jindal, Lieberman, Ridge, Pawlenty and Romney. One of the questions McCain asked: was the VP willing to order bin Laden killed in Pakistan if civilian casualties would result.

Could Have Had A Jindal?

(SAJA) Rick Sanchez of CNN wonders about buyer’s remorse by McCain — after watching Bobby Jindal in action.
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Jindal will skip GOP convention

(CNN) Bobby Jindal, Charlie Crist of Florida, Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Rick Perry of Texas — whose states that lie in the path of Gustav — will skip the GOP convention.
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Palin pick passes over Jindal

(New Yorker) I figured McCain would pick a woman, or else Bobby Jindal. With Sarah Palin, the Republicans played the identity-politics card and came up with a preposterous candidate. Just what Democrats used to do.

Palin took Jindal’s slot

(NatRev·C) If you were going to go the inexperienced-young-person route, why not Jindal? Two seconds ago, Palin was mayor of Wasilla, and now she’s a heartbeat from the presidency? Really?

Racism could keep out Jindal

(Sullivan·C) Bobby Jindal is a neophyte religious fanatic not ready to be president if McCain passed away. And if you’re appealing to Clinton voters uneasy with a black man as president, why pick a person of color?

Jindal could cancel RNC address

(CNN) Bobby Jindal is scheduled to deliver a high-profile address in prime time at the RNC next Wednesday but may cancel if Hurricane Gustav hits Louisiana.
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Handicapping the Veeps

(Guardian Humor) Jindal: Zeal for exorcism meshes nicely with party’s 12th century social policy, but would get rendered the first time he boarded Air Force One. Jim Webb: VP would distract from wiretapping random people while masturbating his guns. (ht: AK)
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Jindal v. Big Daddy Kaine

(WaPo) VP candidates auditioned on TV this week. Dem VA gov. Tim Kaine went head to head against Bobby Jindal, who does not think he will get the nod from McCain.

Jindal bounces back after reversal on pay raise

(Neworleanscitybusiness) Gov. Bobby Jindal has regained about half of the voter support he lost during the flare-up over a legislative pay raise. He’s rated 69% favorable and 18% unfavorable, among the top U.S. governors.
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McCain may move up VP announcement

(Tabloid) To counter Obamania in Europe, McCain may announce his running mate choice next week. Jindal is still on shortlists.

Jindal-McCain chat scotched

(Latimeslatimes) The McCain-Jindal chat in Louisiana today was canceled after concerns over Hurricane Dolly.

Jindal may get keynote

(CNN) It’s rumored Jindal is under consideration to deliver the keynote at the Republican convention in Minneapolis on Sep. 4. [via]
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Jindal, the Vulcan hummingbird

(RCP·C) If Jindal had cheeks, you’d pinch them. Reed-thin, he has hummingbird metabolism and Vulcan intellect. His mind wraps around anything but repose. More to the point, he’s not another white guy.
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McCain to meet Jindal tomorrow

(WaPo) McCain is meeting Jindal in Louisiana Wed. Picking Jindal would cede the experience argument, but would put a whole new face on the old white male party. In an election this unfavorable to the GOP, a Hail Mary / Hail Bobby may be needed.

Jindal’s star falling, Romney’s rising

(Politico) The most frequently mentioned name for McCain in recent weeks has been Mitt Romney. McCain, who visibly disliked Romney, has recently showered him with praise and teased him with affection.

Jindal in JibJab’s latest

(Jibjab) Jibjab made this super-cute video on retiring Bush and Cheney, Hillary, Obama and McCain. Small Bobby Jindal cameo aboard the Straight Talk Express.

Jindal shrouds governor’s records

(Wdsu) ‘Any document from [Jindal’s] office is now off limits. He doesn’t have to produce anything if he doesn’t want to,’ including his schedule... A study ranked Louisiana last in the country when it comes to transparency in the governor’s office.
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Jindal signs mandatory health insurance bill

(Wafb) Bobby Jindal signed a bill mandating health insurance for children with autism, in part because his own child was born with a heart condition.
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Jindal finally vetoes pay raise

(Picayune) Gov. Bobby Jindal finally vetoed a state legislature pay raise which he had originally promised to veto, then later said he would not veto. He faces a recall over the unpopular raise.
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Jindal’s VP chances narrowing

(Politico) Mitt Romney currently has the buzz as GOP VP pick because he would stay on message and could raise $50M in 60 days. Bobby Jindal does not seem as likely because his youth would make McCain look old.

Jindal backs creationism in public schools

(Picayune) Louisiana gov. Bobby Jindal signed a law that allows public school science teachers to teach creationism. [via]
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It’s genocide, unless it’s a campaign

(NYT ‘07) Bobby Jindal removed his name from a Congressional resolution about the Armenian genocide after a Turkey lobbyist contacted him. Later the lobbyist contributed $10K to his campaign. (ht: Maitri)
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Jindal signs castration bill

(Vid) Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill mandating chemical (optionally physical) castration for 2nd time sex offenders. The host asks whether it would harm his VP chances. Text version: [via]
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Jindal takes hit on pay raise

(NYT) Bobby Jindal voters are furious after he broke a campaign promise and refused to veto doubling pay for the part-time Louisiana legislature, a quid pro quo to let other parts of his agenda pass.
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Jindal’s exorcism against Catholic rules

(Sullivan·C) Catholic canon: ‘No one may lawfully exorcise the possessed without the special and express permission of the local Ordinary.’
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Jindal, McCain at odds on Katrina reconstruction

(ABC) Jindal supports $5.8B Katrina reconstruction supplemental; McCain slams it as bloated and doesn’t want it attached to military funding bill. [via]

Jindal picks up more right-wing support

(Hill) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Bobby Jindal would be the best VP candidate and has more experience than Barack Obama, but voters would not reject the well-spoken Obama on experience. [via]

Jindal’s exorcism article resurfaces

(TPM·L) Liberal blog goes after Bobby Jindal’s belief in exorcism.
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Don’t waste VP slot on Jindal

(Atlantic) If the VP slot grooms future presidents, Bobby Jindal already has a national profile, while Alaska governor Sarah Palin (Republican, pro-life, former beauty queen) does not. [Disagree — most Americans don’t know Jindal.] [via]

‘My relatives are excited’ about Jindal

(Vid) Random LSU student from India is over the moon about Jindal VP talks.
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Coverage of weekend at McCain’s

(SAJA) A roundup of news from Bobby Jindal attending the BBQ at McCain’s Sedona home.
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Looking for Mr. Right

(Guardian) Bobby Jindal is a young, striving, assimilationist immigrant, which fits the GOP narrative... If they lost, much of Jindal’s political capital would be spent. If they won, he’d be vice president. And his energy and smarts could make McCain look bad.

Wild GOP VP speculation

(NatRev·C) If McCain wants to neutralize Obama’s novelty, do it with Bobby Jindal or Sarah Palin. If he wants the grand bipartisan gesture, pick Hillary.

Conservative paper endorses Jindal

(WashTimes·C) The Moonie Times endorses Bobby Jindal for veep. ‘Jindal has more executive and legislative experience than both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama combined.’

Jindal’s hard right social views

(Prospect·L) Bobby Jindal got into Yale law and Harvard med. Anti-abortion even with rape and incest, for teaching creationism in public schools, for banning stem cells, flag burning and gay marriage... McCain must promise change, but conservatives don’t want it. [via]

McCain’s got options

(NYT) If McCain wanted a female or minority VP, he could pick Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, or a prominent black Republican like Michael Steele, instead of Bobby Jindal.

Jindal’s advantages as McCain’s VP

(Politico) For John McCain, Bobby Jindal adds domestic policy strength, youth, diversity, appeal to the base, reform cred and fundraising from Indian-Americans. But he doesn’t help with nat’l security, and McCain will win Louisiana anyway.

Picking a VP like you pick a girlfriend

(LAT) Inviting Jindal to McCain’s weekend party is a way to check social chemistry. But he may be too green, especially when that’s McCain’s main attack against Obama.

Why is McCain meeting Jindal, Romney, Crist?

(BoGlobe) Speculation on McCain hosting Jindal and two others this weekend: either a signal to the press to shift them some of the vetting, or a head fake to draw attention from his real top choice.

McCain meeting Jindal, other VP candidates

(NYT) Bobby Jindal, Charlie Crist and Mitt Romney are chillin’ with John McCain at his Sedona ranch this weekend as part of his VP screening process.

The GOP’s racial woes

(Politico) Republicans have gone 5 without a black governor, senator or House member. They’ll have only one minority governor, Bobby Jindal after fall elections. Democrats have three minority governors and 43 black members of Congress.
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Conservative chatterati love Jindal

(Democraticstrategist) Bobby Jindal is a Catholic of the particularly fervid brand of converts. He was the plurality favorite in a reader survey at National Review Online. But along with Jindal, Kristol’s column repeated Rev. Wright ad nauseum in the GOP talking points.
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Why Won’t Bill Kristol Admit Race?

(Portfolio) For sheer intellectual dishonesty, nothing beats Bill Kristol’s column on Bobby Jindal as VP. He never mentions one of Jindal’s major selling points: he’s Indian-American.

Exotic dancer

(Newsweek) As the son of two immigrants, Bobby Jindal is arguably more ‘exotic’ (ugh) than Barack Obama.
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Don’t do it, Bobby

(Amconmag) Conventional wisdom is McCain doesn’t need a southerner, the GOP will carry it anyway. And if McCain-Jindal lose, they’ve frittered away a competent Republican governorship. [via]

Jindal should not accept VP

(Atlantic) If you run for vice president and lose, odds are your national ambitions are finished. And Jindal would be the last gasp of this GOP era, Republican Mondale rather than Republican Clinton. [via]
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Video of Jindal on Leno

(Vid) Bobby Jindal interviewed on Jay Leno’s show last week. Talks about being a native Louisianan. [via]
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Jindal Girl

(Vid) Cute, zealous Bobby Jindal volunteer interviewed after Jindal went on Leno.
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Jindal’s law of unintended consequences

(Kos·L) In backing a Republican for Louisiana House Speaker, Bobby Jindal passed over Don Cazayoux, who just won a special election for the U.S. House in a deeply GOP district.

McCain criticizes Katrina response

(NYT) Well the headline says it all. But the pic with Jindal revives my hope for a Desi VP this year.

Jindal on Leno

(Yahoo) Bobby Jindal appears on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ Monday, April 28, at 11.35 pm. [via]
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Jindal could rally base for McCain

(WSJ) Conservative argues making Bobby Jindal veep shores up McCain on conservative base. health care, youth. But also makes some daft extrapolations about the war on terror based on Jindal being Punjabi and the effects of Partition.

Jindal ‘bats a thousand’ in honeymoon

(Picayune) Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal won all 6 bills he wanted in special session, including lower biz taxes and a controversial tax deduction for private school tuition.
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Dirty race to replace Jindal

(Shreveport) One Republican running for Bobby Jindal’s Congressional seat uses the motto ‘You loot, we shoot.’ Earlier the district came close to electing David Duke.
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Jindal muscles through ethics reform

(NYT) Arguing transparency is necessary for job growth, Louisiana gov. Bobby Jindal pushed through ethics bills barring lawmakers’ contracts with the state, cutting perks like free sports tickets and capping lobbyist-paid meals at $50/head.
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Limbaugh plumps Jindal

(Righthandthief) Rush Limbaugh: ‘Bobby Jindal... is the next Ronald Reagan. He’s young. He was just sworn in for his first term. He’s the guy that beat the liberal Democrat machine... on 100% conservatism.’ [Actually, he did it on Dubya’s Katrina incompetence.]

Jindal Hinted For Running Mate

(WashTimes·C) Jindal a possible candidate for McCain’s running mate.