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Whose country?

(Sullivan·C) Sullivan: White Americans don’t realize how black they already are. If you’re English, it’s readily apparent.
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Politics ain’t beanball

(Sullivan·C) Sullivan wants to threaten McChrystal with torture investigation after his Afghanistan report leaking and Obama arm-twisting.

Kennedy and feudalism

(ToL) Sullivan: Dynasties summon up images of fusty old clans with large rural estates and servants [like S. Asian ones]. But the Kennedys married power to glamour, like Lady Di.

Jindal as Mr. Burns (not Apu)

(ToL) Americans saw Jindal idling creepily up to the camera, giving an excruciating grin, looking, as one blogger had it, like Mr Burns getting an ointment. Then there was that condescending tone, the way people who are not cool try to seem cool.

Sullivan on Jindalbuttal

(Sullivan·C) There was a patronizing feel to Jindal’s rebuttal, as if he were talking to kindergartners. He did in the end concede that the GOP has a credibility problem on fiscal issues.

Mad, maddening America

(ToL) In America, bigotry is open; in Britain, masked. it It hurts more to punch a wall than a cushion. But if you punch hard enough, the wall will one day crumble, while the pillow will constantly absorb the blows.
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(NY Mag) Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan greeted Rushdie pal Christopher Hitchens with a hug and kiss. ‘I want tongue. Give me tongue,’ replied Hitchens. ‘He’s gayer than I am,’ said Sullivan.

The Kumar card

(Sullivan·C) Sullivan: Calling Obama a shadowy, unknown figure with terrorist connections, McCain is now playing the Kumar card (clip of Kal Penn in turban and beard from H&K2;).

Sullivan compares Reihan to Apu

(Sullivan·C) Reihan is ferociously brilliant and culturally unhinged, a multiculti blend of Taz, Apu and Robin Williams after a long line of coke. I love him and am extremely grateful he whizzed blurrily into my life. [Apu? Come now.]

D’Souza’s gay marriage idiocy

(Sullivan·C) Dinesh D’Souza claims gays have the right to marry — straight women. His own interracial marriage would have been illegal under his logic. How soon he kicks the ladder from beneath him.