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Portraying Apu

(Metafilter) MeFites discuss whether Apu’s portrayal is racist. One anecdote: “I walked into an Indian restaurant in Studio City and Hank Azaria was sitting there and the Indian waiter and host both asked him to do Apu, and they all stood around laughing merrily."
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Magical Indo

(Hulu) ‘Simpsons’ creators say Uh-POO is their favorite Magical Indo because he’s so happy. At 9:20.
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28 Simpsons later

(Hulu Vid) Apu survives this ’28 Days’ spoof because he doesn’t eat tainted burgers, and as a convenience store owner he’s well-armed. At 11:30.
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‘New Yorker,’ I read you

(NYT) ‘NY ILU’: Mira Nair’s diamond-district encounter (with Irrfan Khan, Natalie Portman, lingers. Shekhar Kapur, Fatih Akin, others’s shorts are hothouse flowers in a soil of arch dialogue.

Another 7-Eleven / ‘Simpsons’ promo

(AP) 7-Eleven will carry ‘Playboy’ with blue-haired Marge Simpson on the cover. [Last one was having store clerks dress up like Apu.]
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Big Brown Comedy Hour

(Fbook) Aasif Mandvi hosting Big Brown Comedy Hour in Manhattan with Dean Obeidallah, Vidur Kapur, Maysoon Zayid, Joe Derosa, Hari Kondabolu, Dan Nainan, Meena Dimian, Judy Vincent, Said Durrah, Mohammed Mohammed, Tahani Zahrey.

Pondi’s beaches are vanishing

(Granta) Akash Kapur (Anand G’s NYT replacement) in Granta on Pondicherry’s vanishing beaches.

He does it with grace

(Vid) Comic Vidur Kapur spoofs Padma Lakshmi’s burger ad. NSFT (not safe for taste).

‘1-888-DIAL-INDIA’ premieres

(Indipepal) Anuvab: I’ve always wanted to write a play with Kunaal Roy Kapur. This is not because he is talented (he is not). It is because he cut so many of my lines in President.

India Street or Appalachian Trail?

(SeaTimes) SC gov. Mark Sanford’s mistress lives on Republica de la India street, Buenos Aires. Video of her covering 9/11 in NYC: [via]

INS Brahmaputra Arrives in Haifa

(Hindu) ‘It is not only in Israel, a part of it is also Israeli’, said Ambassador Sarna, referring to the Barak radar. Former ship captain Jack Japheth, now an Israeli citizen settled in Tel Aviv, came on board. The ship is on its way to St Petersburg. [via]

Boyle wants to repeat in Bombay

(Reuters) Danny Boyle is in talks with filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and Shekhar Kapur to do another Bombay film, possibly a thriller. (ht: Aseem)

Jindal the whitest man alive

(TPM·L) The immediate outpouring of commentary was to compare Jindal to the whitest character in America (Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock). The country is clearly seeing past skin color. [Just glad it wasn’t Apu.]
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Those fertile immi-grunts

(Tvweek) New ‘Simpsons’ title sequence marking its debut in HD shows Apu with 8 kids.
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(Vid) ‘Shades of Ray’: The protagonist, who’s Pakistani and white, goes to an audition where a white guy tells him how to do the Apu accent. With Sarah Shahi, Zachary Levi, at SAIFF.

Apu throwback

(Imageshack Comic) Apu and the other Simpsons characters drawn in Archie Comics style. [via]
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Randomly Selected Comedy Tour

(Sfweekly) The Randomly Selected Comedy Tour ‘showcases Arab-American comedians,’ only Vidur Kapur is Indian and Tissa Hami (of ‘Ramadan Song’) is Iranian. So that’s only 50% Arab, dear alt.weekly.

Sullivan compares Reihan to Apu

(Sullivan·C) Reihan is ferociously brilliant and culturally unhinged, a multiculti blend of Taz, Apu and Robin Williams after a long line of coke. I love him and am extremely grateful he whizzed blurrily into my life. [Apu? Come now.]

‘Love Guru’ opening in India

(NYT) Apu is the gold standard for derogatory stereotypes, thanks to his job, his sing-song accent and his diction. One magnet for opinions about ‘The Love Guru’ has been the Indian pop culture blog Ultrabrown. [Rohin quoted.]

Booker of Bookers shortlist

(Manbookerprize) The Bookers of Bookers II shortlist includes ‘Midnight’s Children’ and ‘The Siege of Krishnapur’ (‘73). No Kiran Desai, ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Arthur & George.’

Kapur takes over for Minghella

(Digitalspy) Shekhar Kapur will finish the late Anthony Minghella’s last movie, a short segment of ‘New York, I Love You.’ Mira Nair is also directing one, ‘Kosher Vegetarian.’

Apu Gothic

(Simpsonspark) Apu and Manjula from ‘The Simpsons’ pose ‘America Gothic’-style. [via]
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‘Elizabeth’ a fake epic

(Time) Shekhar Kapur suffers from restless camera syndrome. Tracking shots, twisting boom shots, placements that are either radically high or low ‘” they all betoken a director who doesn’t trust his material. Kapur is not exactly Laurence Olivier.
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Shekhar aquiver

(NYT) A kitsch extravaganza aquiver with trembling bosoms, booming guns and wild energy, Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’� shouts the story of the bastard monarch who ruled England with an iron grip and tightly-closed legs.
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Kapur’s Queen Liz sequel

(NY Press) Director Shekhar Kapur repeats his stupefying, flamboyant ‘style’� in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age." He’s made a useless, over-enunciated film’”an instant antique.
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Move over Bahadur — Here come your modern cousins

(NYT) Shekhar Kapur has enlisted Hollywood stars to produce “a comic book series inspired by Indian mythology." [ed: with John Woo!]
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Virgin’s Devi, fierce comic book war, triumphant in US

(DNA) Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur’s comic book warrior Devi has a lot riding on her slender, but strong shoulders. Devi has sold over 10,000 copies in the United States in the first two weeks since publication and the Virgin Comics reincarnation of the India
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