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‘No Negro dialect’

(Atlantic) Harry Reid backed Obama, a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’ [New campaign tell-all. Also, Edwards’ wife ripped her blouse in public during fight over affair.]

Indian man set alight in Australia

(ABC) Punjabi man torched by assailants in Melbourne. Police still insisting wave of assaults isn’t race-based. More: [via]
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Flooding out of Australia

(Bloomberg) Indian Australia study visa apps fell 46% after racist attacks. Others down 23%.
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Down under down under

(BBC) # of Indian students in Australia will fall 20% after a spate of racist attacks. Education is Australia’s third most profitable export industry after after coal and iron.
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Achmed buried

(NYT) Jeff Dunham’s racist Achmed the Dead Terrorist ventriloquist show cancelled.
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You can’t write satire anymore

(Commercialappeal) Tennessee mayor goes off on Obama, Muslims after president’s *war* speech preempted a *Charlie Brown TV special.* [The Daily Show did the same bit as satire.]
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Turbanatorious rex

(Am760) CO auto dealer put up billboard showing Obama in turban and implying he’s a jihadi.

Seoul crushers

(FP) Indian prof in Seoul filed police complaint over racist tirade on bus, cops spoke to him in an insulting Korean tense. But due to gender imbalance, half of rural Korean kids will be biracial this year.
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Interview with an apostate

(Indep) Ex-jihadis: it was an easy answer to 2nd gen identity vacuum and Paki-bashing. One kid reading physics at Cambridge fought in Afghanistan for the summer. What turned them: jihadis killing each other; anti-war protests; white people being kind.
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Lou Jing should be glad she’s not a Tibetan

(WSJ) China’s public dialogue on racism is limited to foreigners and blacks, not Tibetans and Uighurs.
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Also, there are no gays in Iran

(Time) China requires race registration; there’s no mixed race category. Last year, African-Chinese volleyball player Ding Hui caused a stir when he was called up to the national volleyball team.
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Chinese idol wouldn’t do it again

(NPR) Jing Lou: ‘I’ve always thought of myself as Shanghainese. But after the competition, I started to have doubts about who I really am... If you beat me to death, I wouldn’t take part in that competition again.’
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No love for Obama in China

(WaPo) Black-Chinese singing contest winner Lou Jing was attacked mercilessly for being black. China is colorstruck, while the number of Africans living in China has exploded due to trade. Vid of Lou Jing: [via]
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Racism in China

(LAT) An African-American-Chinese woman faced racist invective after she appeared on a Chinese singing contest. Racism is a real issue as Obama visits.
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Gamer’s angst

(Twitter) Kumail Nanjiani: If only Modern Warfare 2 was set on Neptune. If only I had to kill Space Arabs, instead of earth ones.

The El-Sherbini case

(Wiki Jul) Egyptian-German hijaban stabbed to death in courtroom by psychotic German racist, who’s now been sentenced to life.

The karma of yellow folk

(Forbes) It’s hard to imagine China welcoming millions of hard-working Nigerians and Bangladeshis with open arms. China saw itself as a leader of the global proletariat of Africans and Asians. Now its notion of solidarity is gone.
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The host unwilling

(NYT) S. Koreans racist toward Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans. ‘When I travel with my husband, we avoid buses and subways,’ says a woman who married a Pakistani. ‘They glance at me as if I have done something incredible.’
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The pencil test

(Wiki) Sandra Laing, subject of ‘Skin,’ is a dark-skinned white Afrikaner born to apartheid supporters. The S. African gov’t classified her as white, then black, then white based on her skin and hair.

Eritrean or American?

(NYT) Meb Kefleghizi won NYC marathon, spawning racist posts that he wasn’t American (came here at 12). When blacks dominated sprinting, some claimed they lacked endurance. Then E. Africans began winning marathons.
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‘Chinaman’s chance’

(Wiki) In 1854, a murder verdict was overturned because all of the evidence was from Chinese immigrants. The widespread racism vs. Chinese gave birth to the idiom ‘a Chinaman’s chance in hell.’
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Jindal’s ok with the base

(Amconmag) Jindal’s fine: evangelical nationalism immunize him against birther-style attacks, and he lets Republicans show they’re not racist. The party that ranted over Sotomayor’s ‘racism’ are not going to oppose Jindal because he is Indian-American.

Gates gets death threats

(Bostonherald) Henry Louis Gates Jr. has received numerous death threats, prompting the university to suggest he move.

De Beers

(CNN) Office Justin Barrett, who called Gates a ‘banana-eating jungle monkey,’ says he’s not a racist because he has minority friends. [Bonus pic of beer summit.]

Boston Legal

(Sullivan·C) The racist rant on Gates that got Boston cop fired. With monkey slur, natch.

Boston Macaca

(Bostonherald) Boston cop to be fired after calling Gates ‘jungle monkey.’ Comedian Wilmore: Gates had run into the one Boston cop who isn’t racist.

Sundown towns

(Wiki) Pioneering chemist Percy Lavon Julian was regularly turned down for jobs due to race. DuPont rescinded, ‘unaware he was a Negro.’ Another job was in a ‘sundown town’ which barred blacks from staying overnight. (ht: Vinod)

Powell on Gatesgate

(BoGlobe) Colin Powell: Gates should have cooperated, but Powell’s been stereotyped: ‘It was inconceivable to him that a black guy could be the national security adviser.’

Gates should’ve focused on free speech

(Slate) Hitchens: Gates’ home is his Constitutional castle. There’s no legal need to be polite. Hitchens refused to explain himself to a cop while walking at night but doubts he would’ve been let go if black.

Gates caller didn’t see him

(Tabloid) Gates 911 call transcript shows caller did not mention Gates’ race or backpacks, she mentioned suitcases and thought they might live there.

Gates arrest very unusual

(CSM) Cop: extremely unusual to claim disorderly conduct on a man’s own porch. Once other cops arrived, Crowley would lose face by backing down. (ht: Ennis)

Tunku Varadarajan on Henry Louis Gates

(Forbes) Gates found it unnecessary to be courteous to cop Crowley, who marched the professor away even though it should have been clear to him that he posed no threat to anyone.

Respect the badge, demands the cop

(NYT) Gates introduced himself to the cops when he moved to Lexington hoping not to get pulled over constantly in his Mercedes. Crowley expects deference when in uniform.

The real Henry Louis Gates

(Vid) Henry Louis Gates rant on ‘white racist institutions’ in ’96. [Well, that reveals what has passed as scholarship under affirmative action. :-) Thomas Sowell was correct!]

Neither post-racist nor post-police

(Atlantic) It’s great that Obama might have a beer with Crowley, but the rest of us are left with cops who seem well within their rights to arrest you for sassing them.

Still not post-racial

(NYT) A white Chicago cardiologist married to a black man said people often interrupted them to ask her, ‘Is this man bothering you?’
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Patrick backs Gates on arrest

(BoGlobe) Mass gov Deval Patrick on Gates: ‘You ought to be able to raise your voice in your own house without risk of arrest.’ Remembers ‘being stopped for no reason than just being on the sidewalk.’

Skip Gates speaks

(Root) Henry Louis Gates talks about his arrest in his own house: ‘Would you step outside onto the porch.’ I was in danger. Had I walked out, he could have arrested me for breaking and entering.

Gates arrest shows police misconduct

(Samefacts) Crowley entered Gates’ house to investigate a break-in. After probable cause evaporated, he covered it up with false charges. (ht: @kerim)

Gates’ story of arrest

(WaPo) Henry Louis Gates Jr. says the porch is your Lakshman-Rekha with cops: never step outside your own home. (ht: Ennis)

Sitting at Home While Black

(Gawker) Henry Louis Gates arrested in his own home: door was jammed, white neighbor, fundraiser for Harvard mag called cops. (ht: Ennis)

Desi Desi

(NYT) Is quoting Desi Arnaz like Apu? Frank Rich: When Tom Coburn joked to Sotomayor that ‘You’ll have lots of ‘splainin’ to do,’ it was mindless condescension.

What’s brown, floats on the water and is loathsome?

(AP) Philly pool allegedly has Jim Crow policies. Not a desi story, but it resonated with khoof’s experience when he was 12 and found the pool emptying around him. Bigotry doesn’t have to be overt for it to not hurt. Kids know. I believe them.
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Being Indian in Australia

(NDTV) Natasha Jog interviews Indians in Australia — students, cab drivers, ‘Indian-Australians’; PM Kevin Rudd tells her his kids like Bollywood and curry. Class-based distancing by established Indians from recent arrivals — shocking, but not surprising.
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Wrong skin

(TO Globe) Woman takes bigot neighbor to civil court. Man knifes her 18 times in court. She dies. Husband who came to aid was shot by guard who (naturally) thought brown is bad. Not a desi story, but would like input from desis in germany. Is it this bad?
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Aussies stonewall on student attacks

(WSJ) An Aussie delegation touring India continued denying the attacks vs. Indian students were even partly based on race.
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Established Desis Scorn Newcomers in Oz

(Hindu) Established Indians like Yadu Singh — a cardiologist — feel Indian students bring the community a bad name. ‘And, they make themselves vulnerable by working graveyard shifts — often illegally — so they don’t go to the police when there’s a problem."
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Take this, it will make you fair and lovely

(Outlook) A black American in Gurgaon wanted to buy face soap. The clerk handed him a fairness soap instead. Other black people have been spat at in India.
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It’s harrowing being black in Delhi

(Outlook) Black Ph.D. student in Delhi: Bank associates have denied me chai, while falling over to please my white friend. “An African has come," a guard announced over the intercom. [via]
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Transformers shuck ‘n jive

(Chud) ‘Transformers 2’: The Twins look simian, with a gold bucktooth, jive talk, street accent, stoned, and admit they ‘don’t do much readin’.’
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Film on Australia attacks

(WaPo) Bollywood will make a movie about the attacks on Indian students in Australia. By Mohit Suri, who made the terrible Parveen Babi biopic ‘Woh Lamhe.’

Infant mortality among Indian-Americans

(Miller Mccune) Indian-American mothers, who are generally well off, have infant mortality similar to those of low-income blacks. Researcher claims it’s due to stress of subtle racism [which seems like a stretch]. (ht: Saheli)

U.S. army allowing racial extremists

(Salon) KKK and white supremacist leader: U.S. army openly tolerates racial extremists due to recruiting strain. Racism pervasive anyway — even generals racist vs. Iraqis. (ht: Abhi)

S. Carolina Macacagate

(Wltx) S. Carolina Republican activist says an escaped gorilla is Michelle Obama’s ancestor. From the state which brought you racist campaigns by Lee Atwater.

The suburb that simmers

(SMH) Newcomer students pursue an education, intent on gaining permanent residency. Erik Jensen, Jonathan Pearlman and Hamish McDonald report on the explosive result when the students clash with their neighbours in an ethnic hothouse.
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Stepping, shuffling and lending

(TPM·L) A Wells Fargo Bank manager allegedly justified using ‘n-’ around the office because Dave Chappelle did. Mortgage sales allegedly coached applicants how to lie to their own underwriters.

Aussies feel threatened by Indian influx

(ToI op/ed) Australian racist attacks are reminiscent of the old White Australia Policy implemented because Aussies felt threatened by hard-working Chinese. [And NJ Dotbusters.] More on policy: [via]
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Bollywood Aussie boycott

(EconTimes) A 45K-member Indian film union boycotted filming in Australia until racist attacks were tackled. Two of last year’s biggest hits were filmed there. Amitabh Bachchan declined an honorary degree from an Australian university.

‘We want justice’

(Brisbanetimes) Around 70 protestors marched on a police station yelling, ‘Sydney police bullshit, we want justice.’ Some complained they’d been robbed several times.
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Indians allegedly stab racist

(HT) A 20-year-old was stabbed thrice in an Australian burb after allegedly racially abusing Indian students.
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Racism and Indians

(NDTV) Barkha Dutt show; multiple perspectives: Indian racial minorities, visiting Americans & Australians, returnees. Amit Varma, Hard Kaur, Suhel Seth, panel guests; plus lively audience, incisive 1st person comments. Very worthwhile 45 min.
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Mentally disabled

(Imgur Pic) Kentucky pickup bearing disabled license plate festooned with racist bumper stickers.
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Melbourne cops concede attacks involve racism

(AFP) 30% of assaults in Melbourne’s western suburbs are against Indians, grossly disproportionate in a city with 50K Indian students out of 4M residents-- 1.25% of the population, a 24x overrepresentation in assaults.
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I guess they’re not Hindu

(TO Globe) Seven year old Pegger got attention when she attended school with Swastikas inked on her skin. Social workers interviewed to find she was indoctrinated with hatred of minorities, especially blacks who ‘deserved to die’.
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Black parents with adopted white kid face suspicion

(Newsweek) it isn’t the redheaded fourth grader who seems to have moms and dads of the jungle gym nervous on this recent Saturday morning. It’s the African-American man--six feet tall, bearded and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt--watching the girl’s every move.
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Anglicize your names, macacas

(HoustonChron) Rep. Betty Brown [nee Braun?] said As-Am voters should adopt names that are ‘easier for Americans to deal with.’ (ht: Turbanhead)
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A few good white men

(CBS ‘99) Racism alleged in Marines: ‘The minority officers do not shoot as well or swim as well. And when you give them a compass and send them across the terrain at night, they don’t do as well.’ [Not testing Gurkhas?]
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Per Se wants your Euros

(NYT) Non-white waiter applicants at high-end NYC restaurants were half as likely as white applicants to get a job offer. White applicants with slight European accents were a quarter more likely to be hired. (ht: Ennis) Org started by Saru Jayaraman: [via]

Arsonist burns England gurdwara

(Thisislondon) Gurdwara burned in Bow, England. MO seems odd: witnesses claim a man ran inside in broad daylight, was interrupted while setting fire.
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Chocolate in vanilla

(AdAge) Russian ad calls Obama the flavor of the week, chocolate in vanilla (the White House). (ht: Ennis)
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Mayor quits over racist email

(MSNBC) The mayor of Los Alamitos, Calif. will resign after forwarding an email showing the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title ‘No Easter egg hunt this year.’
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On being mistaken for being white

(CBC) Desi guy gets driven around by white separatist. Hilarity ensues.

Mad, maddening America

(ToL) In America, bigotry is open; in Britain, masked. it It hurts more to punch a wall than a cushion. But if you punch hard enough, the wall will one day crumble, while the pillow will constantly absorb the blows.
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Recall message? Yes / No

(Tampabay) Fla. GOP official sent email comparing black people’s presidential inauguration attendance with Katrina evacuation.

Racially motivated attack by Vancouver police

(TO Globe) Three off-duty cops attacked Khan, beat him up and robbed him while he was on his 2:30am delivery route. Cops spent some time in jail before being released and have been re-assigned. Crown investigation is underway.
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Muslims took heat off blacks

(TPM·L) How did we get from racism to Obama? America found a scarier other: Arabs and Muslims.

Sridevi’s ching-chong act

(Vid) Sridevi went slanty-eyed and ching-chongy in the unfortunate ‘Chai Mein Chini’ (Sugar / Chinese in my Tea). (ht: kd)
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Slurred cadet now in Pakistani army

(NYT) The man Prince Harry called ‘Paki’ was Ahmed Raza Khan, now a captain in the Pakistani Army, who excelled at Sandhurst. The queen awarded him best foreign cadet.

Oops... I did it again

(AFP) Prince Harry using racist language, 4 years after the Nazi Swastika controversy: ‘Ah, our little Paki friend, Ahmed,’ and ‘F- me, you look like a raghead.’
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Barack, the magical negro

(NYT) Repubs argue if magical negro song distributed by Tenn. Rep. chairman candidate is ok. NYT says “... illustrates challenge... how to oppose the first black president without SEEMING antiblack." (emph. mine) Here’s a hint: Don’t call him a negro!

What can brown do to you?

(Turnto23) A Sikh family in Bakersfield, Calif. checking the UPS site for a delivery found the driver had entered ‘TERRORIST’ as the recipient’s name for their first package.
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Dubya’s new home: whites only

(Cbs11tv) Dubya is ditching his prop ranch for a rich Dallas hood where until ’00, only white people were allowed to live there — unless they were servants.
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The hypocrisy of hope

(ToL) Adiga: In the latest Bollywood blockbuster, a woman wakes up in a black man’s bed, realises her soul is in danger and runs home to daddy. Meanwhile, Indian newspapers turned Obama’s win into a celebration of Afr-Am history.

GOP email implies Obama = Hitler

(AP) An official GOP email to Penn. Jewish voters: ‘Jewish Americans cannot afford to make the wrong decision on Tuesday, Nov 4th... Many of our ancestors ignored the warning signs in the 1930s and 1940s and made a tragic mistake.’ [So, not a socialist?]

Even racists voting pocketbooks

(Fivethirtyeight) Canvasser for Obama: Husband in W. Penn. is off in another room. Canvasser hears him yell, ‘We’re votin’ for the n-!’ Woman turns to canvasser and says brightly: ‘We’re voting for the n-.’
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GOP mailer: Obama goes on food stamps

(Pe) A Calif. GOP women’s group sent a mailer showing Obama with watermelon, ribs, Kool-Aid and a bucket of fried chicken. It says if Obama is elected his image will appear on food stamps, not dollars. Why watermelon/chicken? ‘It was just food to me.’
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‘Values’ summit values racism

(AP) Wingnut summit sells Obama Waffles. Obama toon has popping eyes and big, thick lips a la Aunt Jemina. On top flap, he wears an Arab-style turban.

Naked racism in the South

(Hill) Southern Republican Congressmen describe Obama as ‘uppity’ and ‘boy’ while Iowan said if he’s elected, Al Qaeda will be dancing in the streets.
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Cross copper’s constabulary calumny

(TO Globe) Third highest officer in London’s police department, ACP Tarique Ghaffur, born in Uganda to Pakistani parents, responsible for security arrangements at the 2012 Olys, alleges racism within the department and sues for 2.3 mill.

Cohen trounces racist opponent

(AP) The worst election racism was unleashed by a minority. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) trounced Nikki Tinker in a Dem primary. Tinker, who is black, ran racist smear ads linking the Jewish Cohen with the KKK and saying he wasn’t welcome in ‘our churches.’ [via]
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(Sullivan·C) After the Obama monkey tee, now there’s an Obama monkey sock puppet.
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People don’t like dark girls here

(Telegraph) Black cheerleaders asked to leave the stadium in IPL match. their contract was terminated. The main reason was the team was a mixed group and they did not want coloured (!!) people. [via]
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(Tabloid) ‘Race,’ shot in S. Africa, showed hardly any black people. Bollywood generally tends to avoid dark-skinned or black faces in its mix, unless they are played in the most offensive manner as background dancers.
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Obama finally forced to do the Wright thing

(NYT) Barack Obama plans to tackle cold fusion next, after solving racism tomorrow.