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Aziz on Craigslist

(Funnyordie NSFW vid) Non-veg Craigslist joke from Aziz Ansari’s standup special.
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Pawnee hoe-down

(Wrap) ‘Parks’ with Aziz picked up for season 3. After an OK start last spring, it’s turning into a critical favorite.

He must mean the Tamils of Cambodia

(Amazon Audio) Aziz calls Tamil a ‘SE Asian language,’ tries to pick up M.I.A. Click preview button.
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Aziz the clubmonger

(Hulu) Funny clip: Aziz tries to hook up his boss with a douchey assistant on ‘Parks.’

Glow in the dark rights

(NYT) Aziz called Kanye for permission before needling him in his standup special. NYT interview, part of press junket.
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Aziz on Kimmel

(Hulu Vid) Aziz Ansari on Jimmy Kimmel last night, story about Skerritt Boy and Diplo. Comedy special on Comedy Central this weekend.

Just like Leno, it wasn’t very funny

(Twitter) Aziz on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Kimmel did entire show last night in prosthetic Leno chin.

Aziz is unamused

(Imgur) Aziz got stroppy with a tweeter who called him a douchebag on Conan, tracked her down on Facebook to complain. Her tweet: [via]

Aziz on Conan

(Conan) Aziz Ansari on Conan part 1: messing with his cousin Harris.

Aziz synposes

(Watchoutfor) Aziz’ 3 movies: ‘Let’s Do This,’ a road movie about two guys at a motivational speaking company. 2 disgraced astronauts who have to go back to space to clear their names. Randy spinoff from ‘Funny People.’
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Sitcom of the year

(Gq) ‘Parks’ has the deepest bench on TV with Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza. It lets the town become a character, with a gay bar, a nipple factory and a restaurant named Jurassic Fork.

‘Get Him to the Greek’

(IMDB) Aziz Ansari in ‘Get Him to the Greek’ (‘10): Record co. intern Jonah Hill must babysit rock star Russell Brand and get him to a concert at L.A.’s Greek Theater.

Tom Haverford is #26 on a meaningless but testosterone-y list

(Tumblr) Aziz Ansari on People’s sexiest list [not a spoof].
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Pants queens

(Hulu Vid) Aziz gets his pants removed, and someone shoots Ron in the head while hunting. ‘Parks’ S2xE10.

Art appreciation

(Hulu) ‘Parks’ S2xE9: Aziz Ansari only liked nude images but now he’s emotionally affected by abstract art.

‘Parks’ S2xE7

(Hulu) ‘Parks’ S2xE7: Aziz Ansari gets a weak Halloween party rockin’ as T-Pain.

‘Parks’ 2x6

(Hulu) ‘Parks’ S2xE6: The continuing adventures of Aziz Ansari, jerky chauvinist, and veterans of the standup circuit.

Aziz is happy

(Twitter) Parks and Recreation has been picked up for its back 9 episodes [this season, presumably].

‘Parks’ E5

(Hulu) ‘Parks and Rec’ S2xE5: Fred Armisen as visiting Venezuelan military leader pays Aziz Ansari to act as a servant. Much chav’ing and Chavista’ing.

He should’ve chatted her up in Tamil

(Twitter) Aziz: Sienna Miller didn’t stay for my interview on Letterman, but Chester from Linkin Park told me I did great. My life in a nutshell.

Reminder: Ansari on Letterman

(Twitter) Reminder: Aziz Ansari on Letterman tonight, with Sienna Miller. No brownmail attempt.

All the stereotypes in one show

(Hulu) ‘Parks’ S2E4: Aziz Ansari is caught in a ‘Taliban’ (Jedi) robe, and he has a visa marriage with an Ottawan hottie.

Ansari going on Letterman

(Twitter) Aziz Ansari will be on Letterman Tue 10/13 for Parks & Rec.

Pot pit

(Hulu) ‘Parks’ S2E2: During renovations of the pit’s community garden, Poehler and Aziz Ansari discover marijuana.

Colonizing the show

(NPR) Aziz Ansari proud his character is not specifically desi. Goal: wants to be fired and ‘replaced by replaced by another Indian guy with a beard.’

Tamil come-on

(Twitter) P Lakshmi: ‘Went to see @azizansari’s stand up last night. He was the best of the comedians.’ Chat her up in Tamil ese, it worked so well on M.I.A.

Aziz is horny

(Twitpic Pic) Aziz Ansari, Padma Lakshmi.

‘Parks’ S2xE1 (full)

(Hulu) Amy Poehler officiates over penguin marriage, but becomes gay heroine because both birds are male. Aziz Ansari assists.

Parks S2xE1

(Hulu Vid) Season 2 of ‘Parks & Rec’ looks great: Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler go to a gay bar, and Ansari hits on the local Oprah.

Randy mockumentary based on real life

(Interview) Aziz’ Randy mockumentary: Comedian Dat Phan really does analyze audio recordings of his own performances, and Orny Adams has file cabinets of jokes.
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Randy part 3

(Funnyordie Vid) Part 3 of Aziz Ansari spoof viral about a douchebag comedian for ‘Funny People.’

Denby does ‘Funny People’

(New Yorker) The Adam Sandler of ‘Funny People’ is a revelation: remorseless and frighteningly intelligent. He penetrates people’s defenses instantly. [No Ansari mention.]

Funny person

(Funnyordie Vid) New Randy clip, spoof of douchebag comedian played by Aziz Ansari. Best part starts 2/3rds through.
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Aziz is cunning

(Twitter) Ansari: Changing Randy set for Comedy Central censors. Randy may have to tell a story about eating ‘pizza’ in a hot tub.
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Aziz and a wreath

(Pic) Aziz Ansari looking Christmasy at the Upright Citizens Brigade LA, Comedy Death Ray last Dec.
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Clell Tickle

(Vid) Fred Armisen, Rob Riggle in ‘Human Giant’ skit. Aziz is Clell Tickle, psychotic indie music promoter.

Aziz is pantless

(Improveverywhere ‘05) Aziz Ansari participated in no-pants subway ride, part of improv flash mob.
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Aziz on Craigslist

(Vid) Funny Aziz Ansari bit on Craigslist at Sasquatch. At 1:50. NSFW.
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Free Aziz taping

(Tumblr) Free tix to Aziz Ansari’s Comedy Central special + DVD taping, July 1st, LA.
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Aziz is a Trekkie

(Tumblr Vid) Aziz Ansari as Star Trek transporter engineer in MTV Movie Awards spoof. At 2:45. Starts with ‘Slumdog’ spoof.

Aziz is picky

(Blackplanet) I’ve turned down plenty of roles where it’s like, You’re the guy with a thick Indian accent that drives the cab. I’m not playing up ethnic jokes... I play Randy, the vulgar comic that other comedians hate.

‘Yo Teach!’

(Tumblr) ‘Funny People’ (Aziz Ansari) posts fake sitcom clip starring Jason Schwartzmann as teacher for the kids society’s left behind. With desi kid.

Aziz packs ‘em in at Sasquatch

(Chordstrike) Aziz Ansari’s tent at Sasquatch was packed. He told stories about Kanye West and R. Kelly which I will not repeat out of respect for public safety.
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Passing the ghost torch

(Latimeslatimes) ‘Ghostbusters 3’ is a go. [Aziz Ansari would be hilarious as one of the new Ghostbusters.]

‘Funny People’ backstage

(MySpace Vid) Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza (‘Parks’), Rogen in ‘Funny People’ behind the scenes at LA Improv.

Ansari does Dane Cook

(Punchline) Aziz Ansari: His Randy for ‘Funny People’ is a comedian audiences would love but every other comedian hates... Took him 4-5 years of standup before he liked his material.
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‘Parks’ season finale

(Hulu) Sleazy Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) has a hot wife. Season finale.

Aziz gets lippy

(Knopeknows) Aziz local TV interview: ‘Parks’ becoming a hit because of that hot Indian guy with facial hair. Anchor: -Use your imagination and watch the show. AA: -If you’re watching the show, you’re not using your imagination, are you? At -0:30.

Ansari blindsides IMAX

(Hollywoodreporter) Aziz’ fake IMAX rant hit the company the day before an investors conference, forcing it change the agenda to damage control. Map of fake vs. real IMAX near you: [via]
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Short Ansari comedy clip

(Vid) Aziz Ansari clowns Kanye and his braggadocio.
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Aziz screams IMIN

(Infegy) Aziz Ansari’s one-man jihad against fake IMAX produced a measurable dip in favorability ratings.
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Aziz buys impostors

(Fivefourclothing Photo) Aziz Ansari poses for a fashion blog and extols LA taco trucks.
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It’s on the form

(Vid) Aziz: Telling your parents you’re gay is the hardest part of rollerblading. From ‘Human Giant.’

Aziz is profane

(Tumblr Vid) The ‘f- you’-off scene between Aziz and Seth Rogen in ‘Observe and Report.’

Aziz Ansari on Jimmy Kimmel

(Vid) The latest Tamil super sensation in full flow.

‘Parks’ S1xE5

(Hulu) ‘Parks and Recreation’ ep. 5: Misanthropist Aziz Ansari writes Amy Poehler’s awards banquet speech.

Aziz is joking II

(Twitter) Ansari: NBC has also passed on my made for TV Bobby Jindal biopic. Apparently, I ‘don’t look like Bobby Jindal and no one cares about him.’

All summer with Ansari

(Traileraddict Video) Aziz Ansari has a small part in the upcoming ‘Funny People’ (Sandler, Rogen, Hill, Schwartzman). Not in the trailer.

‘Parks’ episode 4

(Hulu) Aziz Ansari abuses his parks badge to get free hot dogs.

Ansari gettin’ squirrelly

(Tvguide Mar.) Photo shoot with Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler for ‘Parks’ premiere.

Parks and Rec S1xE3

(Hulu) Episode 3 of ‘Parks and Recreation’: Aziz Ansari wants to know if he’s the hottest Indian dude in Pawnee, or is it Ashish in another department. His boss says he takes no initiative — the perfect gov’t employee.

‘Parks’ S1xE2

(Hulu) Episode 2 of ‘Parks and Recreation’ with Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler.

Aziz is joking

(Twitter) Aziz Ansari: ‘Just made the deal — Kanye, MIA, me, and Anoop Desai are gonna drop an album in July.’

Sleazy Aziz-i

(Deadlinehollywooddaily) Focus group: All the men in ‘Parks and Recreation’ were seen as sleazy. Because there are no datable men in the cast, there is little romantic tension.

‘Parks’ and blah creation

(WaPo) NBC has managed to come up with a prime-time network sitcom that suffers from an excess of subtlety — a flaw so utterly unprecedented that it has considerable novelty value on its own.

‘Observe’ is psychotic

(NY Mag) ‘Observe’ is psychotic yet uproarious. Rogen lords it over the racial minorities in his security detai and harasses a Muslim lotion vendor.

Aziz and Seth, the odd couple

(Popmatters) ‘Observe and Report’ has a classic, curse-laden crossfire between Rogen and Aziz Ansari as a kiosk worker that proves that the F-bomb is still the most versatile of all putdowns.

‘Observe and Report’

(NYT) In ‘Observe and Report,’ Seth Rogen calls Aziz Ansari ‘Saddamn.’ Ansari’s as verbally hostile as his foe, which is supposed to make it O.K. to laugh when Ronnie punches him in the face. The date rape scene is discomfiting.

Aziz is blogged

(Tumblr) Aziz Ansari: Kanye and I showed up wearing the same jacket to the Grammy’s, it was a little embarrassing. I told him he had to take his off and give me two shiny bags full of money for swagga jacking. (ht: Shlok)
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Ansari in ‘Funny People’

(Slashfilm) Aziz Ansari plays Randy in Judd Apatow’s upcoming standup comic / terminal illness dramedy ‘Funny People’ (Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Johan Hill). [via]