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Dr. Dileep gets an impersonator

(SNL NSFW vid) Fred Armisen as Dileep Rao in SNL ‘Avatar’ sex parody.

Death of a salesman

(SNL) The PGA tour still has diversity after Tiger — Vijay Singh. (at -3:50)

Live from New York, Wiig in a lehenga

(SNL) Epic SNL skit with Kristen Wiig in a lehenga rips on Secret Service for party crashers incident.
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Talking back to your banker

(SNL) SNL does amusing Hu Jintao skit with gibberish Chinese. Thankfully no eye tape or yellowface.
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Silent ‘Night’

(SNL) SNL invites ‘secret freak’ Mindy Kaling for a skit and gives her no lines.
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SNL’s Dobbs farewell

(SNL) SNL’s Lou Dobbs doesn’t want your Mediterranean display of emotions, he just wants to stand on the roof of his house shouting racial epithets.
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No more Indian roles

(SNL Vid) Pro: new SNL cast member Nasim Pedrad gets to play her own ethnicity. Con: it’s Mrs. Ahmedinejad.

Nasim on the telly

(Ucbtheatre) Iranian-Am comedan Nasim Pedrad joining SNL. She did a show called ‘Me, Myself & Iran.’
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Sanjaya jokes not dead yet

(NBC) The only way David Paterson will get reelected gov. of NY is if, like Sanjaya, people vote for him because it’s funny. (at -0:50)

Citigroup wrote ‘Geithner sucks’

(NBC) SNL rags on banks for subverting the Obama team’s financial stress test, with Citigroup getting the worst of it.
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Yoga scene

(Vid) Female response to SNL’s ‘Jizz in My Pants’ with bad scene in yoga class. ‘Bearded guys shouldn’t wear capris.’
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Avoiding SNL’s potshots

(MoJo·L) Bobby Jindal should poke fun at himself on Jay Leno before Saturday Night Live takes its shot. Bill Clinton once did the same after a boring keynote — he went on Carson, Leno’s predecessor.

Little boy blue

(NBC) Princess Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’ (Rosario Dawson) reveals that she shagged the genie.
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Git’mo for yo’ money

(NBC) On Jan. 20, Guantanamo Bay is closing. So come on down to our goin’ out of business sale!

Recasting Obama on SNL

(Dailybeast) Fred Armisen’s not cutting it as SNL’s Obama impersonator. The new guy should be funny, incisive, and preferably not have to use blackface. [via]

SNL on Pakistan

(NBC) SNL’s Joe Biden impersonator reels off gaffes, including Obama ‘would invade Pakistan.’
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SNL on Chandrayaan

(NBC) SNL: India did a moon launch, Afghanistan let a kid fly a kite.

No blackface for SNL

(NBC) SNL seems to have stopped using blackface, with none for Jesse Jackson (shown here) or Obama impersonations.

Desi in SNL skit

(Sweetness Light) SNL skit a couple of weeks ago poked fun at NYT reporters and Manhattanites: -Tell us your name. -Priyaranjan Bhattacharjee. -Do you have a nickname? -Pilavullakandi.
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Palin on tonight’s ‘SNL’

(NBC) Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) visited NYC, saw Osama bin Laden driving every cab and was pawed by the Pakistani president.
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Hot sauce carry purse

(NBC) ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ hot sauce carry purse by Tabasco: take it anywhere there’s white people. Skit with the late Bernie Mac.
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Indira saved Jon Lovitz

(Snltranscripts SNL ’85) Jon Lovitz as Tommy Flanagan, pathological liar: I did kill myself! Sure! I was medically dead for a week and a half! It was a woman that brought me out of it — Indira Gandhi!
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There can be only one

(NBC) Fred Armisen back in blackface in Obama/Hillary splitscreen ad parody.

Monkey brains, fortissimo

(NBC) ‘Saturday Night Live’ spoofs Rai Italian TV interview with Shia LeBouf. At 1:55, the comedian dubs Amrish Puri in ‘Temple of Doom’ in Italian.

Armisen back in brownface

(NBC) After an episode without, Fred Armisen returned to wearing brownface to play Barack Obama on ‘Saturday Night Live.’
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Sinbad unloads on Hillary

(WaPo) ‘SNL had to put a man in blackface? You couldn’t find a light-skinned brother?’ Says Bosnia trip w/Hillary wasn’t dangerous: ‘What kind of president would say, I’d get shot so send my wife. And take a guitar player and a comedian with you.’ [via]

Armisen no longer in brownface

(NBC Video) ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Fred Armisen repeated his Barack Obama impression, but this time without brownface. ‘Hillary’ was asked who is Sri Lanka’s deputy envoy to the UN, a takeoff on her Medvedev moment.
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SNL’s history of brownface

(WaPo) Fred Armisen, who is white and Asian, played Barack Obama, Prince and Steve Jobs; Darrell Hammond, who is white, impersonated Jesse Jackson; Billy Crystal played Sammy Davis Jr. [via]

Brownface on SNL

(HuffPo·L) ‘Saturday Night Live’ made up comedian Fred Armisen in brownface for his Barack Obama impression last weekend. Both are of mixed race; Armisen is part Venezuelan and Japanese.